10 favourites this week (#24)

daisy season This week has been a weird one - a real mixture of highs and lows. We had some bad news about the house we've been in the process of buying, which has caused a LOT of stress and anxiety, but it also made us put things in perspective and despite the setback, we really are super lucky, happy and content.

I really do think writing these posts helped me get to the "perspective" part of things a lot more quickly - normally when anything stressful happens I dissolve into tears and panic attacks, but this week was different. And loads of super fun things happened this week too, which always helps - here are 10 of my favourites...

1) Cooking up lots of yummy Madeleine Shaw recipes

I've been cutting dairy and gluten out of my diet for the past couple of weeks to see if it helps make me feel a bit better, and Madeleine Shaw's Get the Glow book has been my staple! Her recipes are so delicious - super fresh, easy to make and full of flavour - I would really recommend it if you are looking to make changes to your diet.

2) A sunny Tuesday

The weather has been decidedly grim most of this week, but on Tuesday it was super lovely and sunny. It made going back to work after the long weekend SO much easier, and it got me thinking about all the lovely things I've got to look forward to this summer. I just hope the weather becomes more seasonal soon...

3) Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I don't know took me so long to start watching this as it's been on my radar for ages but OH MY GOD I'M OBSESSED. It's produced by Tina Fey so I knew it would be good, but it's seriously witty and clever. And it's set in New York, which means I get to pine for the Manhattan skyline as I watch it. I've nearly finished the first series so I'm really glad their is a second one in the pipeline.

4) Nigella's belly pork recipe

I'm not ashamed to admit that I've made this twice in one week - it is delicious, and soooooo easy to make. You just throw everything in one roasting tin, and less than two hours later you have delicious crispy belly pork and melt in your mouth potatoes - perfect weekend food.

5) Secret Garden colouring in book

The lovely Michelle offered to send me the Secret Garden colouring in book to help with house stress - how super nice is that?! She sent it with the cutest kitsch cat card and it literally couldn't have arrived at a better time - I have used it pretty much everyday since it arrived and it has definitely helped me feel more calm during a stress filled week! Thank you again Michelle :)

6) Girls night out

It's been AGES since I've been on a girls night out, but on Friday me and my fave ladies got all dressed up and hit the town. We ate delicious food, drank gigantic gin and tonics and put the world to rights. It was so much fun and much needed - we made a pact to schedule them in more regularly!

7) A sunny afternoon at Kirkstall Deli market

I swung by Kirkstall Deli market after running errands on Saturday - we used to go really regularly when we lived nearby but I haven't been since last summer. It's always such a lovely atmosphere and it was even better as the sun was out - I had a little sit by the river and bought yum brownies. I would definitely recommend it if you live in Leeds!

8) Building a den

Yes I really did this this weekend, and yes I am 25. On Saturday night Sam and I moved the coffee table, pushed our sofas together, brought all of our bedding downstairs and build a movie-watching den. It was epic and SO COMFY. We *may* have left it like that for more cosy TV viewing on Sunday too...

9) Breakfast in bed

Sam confirmed himself as best boyfriend ever yesterday when he cooked up some bacon, eggs and avocado while I had a lazy lie in. It was so yummy, and even better eating it in my big comfy king size bed with Sunday Brunch on in the background!

10) A Sunday jaunt to Harrogate

We wanted to go to the seaside yesterday but the weather forecast didn't look great, so we went for a little drive into Harrogate instead. We drank yummy coffee at Baltzersens, had a mosey round the shops and treated ourselves to M&S food for dinner. I really love Harrogate and there are loads of new independent places popping up - definitely one to watch!