Travel Series: 5 Places to Eat in Lisbon

lisbon travel guide So last week I told you all about the 5 things you should do in Lisbon, but this week I'm bringing out the big guns with our favourite places to eat in Lisbon. I apologise that there aren't more photos of actual food in this post, but unfortunately I'm a very bad blogger and I always get half way through my meal before I realise I didn't take any photos. My bad.

1) Mercado de Ribeira


Mercado da Ribeira was one of my all time favourite places in Lisbon. Time Out have created the ultimate foodie hangout in Lisbon's main market hall - it's like the ULTIMATE food court, comprised of all of the best places to eat in the city. Turn up hungry and devour as much as you can!

2) O Prego da Peixaria

o prego da peixaria

Prego steak rolls are a big deal in this city, and this place serves up some pretty epic ones. Choose your toppings, pair it with a delicious cocktail or gigantic gin and tonic, add some of their yum sweet potato fries and you're onto a winner. It's really reasonable too which is always a bonus.

3) Bonjardim

This is a little unpretentious place in the Baixa region which serves up THE TASTIEST chicken  you will ever eat. Seriously, Nandos will never do it for you again. Best of all, a half chicken will set you back as measly six euros, so perfect if you're on a budget.

4) Santini

Santini have a couple of locations dotted around the city - they make the most yummy gelato, served up in gorgeous red and white pinstriped cups. A delicious option for cooling down after a stroll in the sunshine.

santini lisbon

5) Casanova

A trendy little Italian place set on the river, serving tasty pizzas and Prosecco by the litre. That's right, I said litre. They had a wide selection of starters and desserts too - we didn't get to try dessert (soooooo full) but I'm sure they're as epic as the pizzas. Perfect for a cheap but stylish dinner.

Again - apologies for lack of pictures, but please do check these recommendations out if you're in Lisbon! And let me know if you have tried any of these places already...