A love letter to New York City

As I write this, I'm currently trying to decide whether to book another trip to New York. It will be my fourth visit, my third in as many years. The thing is, New York is addictive. the empire state building at sunset from top of the rock

New York is like that annoying person we all know - the one who got straight As, holidays every other week, runs everyday and can make friends with anyone. New York doesn't do ANYTHING by halves - it has the best shops, the latest food trends, the most ridiculous views.

And it's for that reason that I keep going back. I love exploring new places, getting to grips with different cultures. But deep down, whenever the decision is made about where to take our next trip, New York is always top of my list. Nowhere else has the same buzz, the same energy, the same draw.

central park at sunset from top of the rock

My friends and family think I'm mad (and probably a bit spoilt) - always asking "Really? New York again?". I know that they think I'm crazy to want to keep revisiting the same city when there is a whole big world out there to explore. And sometimes I think I might be a tad obsessive too - how can I know this is my favourite place when there are so many places I've never been?

But I can't imagine ever getting that same feeling anywhere else in the world. That sheer giddiness as the plane is landing and the skyscrapers come into view. The sense of awe and surrealism as you get the first shot of the iconic Manhattan skyline from the taxi. The comfort of knowing that no matter how many times I visit this city I will never ever exhaust everything it has to offer.

manhattan skyline at sunset

Because that's the great thing about New York - it's a gigantic evolving organism that is always changing and growing and innovating. I love that it is at the forefront of every new and ridiculous trend, that you can find unknown musicians, budding chefs, creatives of every kind. I love that in New York you can find daft stuff like ramen burgers and people using segways as a legitimate way to travel around Central Park. (Disclaimer - both of these things are probably hideously last season now, but that only proves my point).

And yet, I also love that you can find the exact opposite in this city. You can roam around New York Public Library, admiring books that were written hundreds of years ago. You can find steakhouses that have been run by the same family for generations. You can stare at buildings that will remind you of your grandparents' favourite film.

brooklyn bridge manhattan view

In New York you can do anything you could possibly want - you can learn, shop, dance, eat, inspire, be inspired. You can find a new favourite band, watch an award winning show, meet people from all over the world. You can cheer on teams from a plethora of sports, eat burgers at breakfast time, watch the sun set behind Lady Liberty.

But for me, the thing that will always pull me back to New York is the feeling. The sense that I can be better, do better, do more. The bucket loads of inspiration that always hit me when the sun is bouncing off skyscrapers at golden hour. The thrill of knowing that there is still so much to be discovered and enjoyed.

That is what makes New York so addictive to me. That is why I'm counting down the days to payday so I can book some flights. That is why I'll keep doing this for years and years to come.