Weekly Reads Round Up (#17)

green door

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This week has gone sooooo quickly - I can't believe it's time for my weekly reads round up already. I'm going to be spending my Sunday recovering from lots of fun times and catching up on some blogs - leave me some links in the comments to help me along!

  •  As someone who has worked pretty much every crap job in the hospitality sector, I really empathised with these 5 reasons why everyone needs to work as a waiter, receptionist and cleaner.
  • If you're a creative you might appreciate this hilarious round up of advice from Caitlin Moran over on Emma's blog.
  • I feel like I'm including a post from Lauren's blog every week, but her writing is just so fresh. I loved this piece about making yourself more employable in your spare time.
  • This post from Rhianna about body image and clothes sizes made me feel all the feels. Such a brave but necessary post to write.
  • Iceland is definitely on my travel bucket list for this year and reading Kate's post made me very excited to visit.
  • I've never been more keen to visit an art installation than after reading Rosie's review of Carsten Höller's new show in London. Slides and flight simulation?! YES PLEASE. 
  • I'm so happy that Laura is back online and posting ridiculously inspiring pieces again. I loved reading this post about why she decided to quit her yoga teacher training.
  • Katie from Scarphelia always has me hooked with her writing, but this piece describing her new life living on a boat in NYC was just beautiful.