10 favourites this week (#26)

bbq burger How's your week been lovely people? Mine has been SUCH a fun one. Jam packed with some of my favourite faces, lots of yum food, and maybe a tiny bit too much gin. It feels like summer is starting to get into full swing and I am so excited about everything I have planned!

I really struggled to whittle this list down this week as there has been so much to smile about, but here are ten of my favourites...

1) Booking some trips 

I mentioned last week that I was determined to make the most of the summer after having to pull out of our house sale, and I definitely stuck to my word this week booking two European city breaks for August. One is to Hamburg with my uni gals, and the other is to Paris with my Mum and sis. Recommendations for either city will be very much appreciated! All I need to do now is plan a trip with my boy and I'll be a very happy lady...

2) Discovering Amy Schumer

I don't know how I managed to go so long without stumbling across the legend that is Amy Schumer, but thankfully the coverage of the Glamour Awards brought her to my attention. She is just SO FUNNY and I've been obsessed with watching pretty much everything she has on YouTube this week.

3) This pretty new nail varnish 

barry m nail varnish sugar apple

Isn't it the perfect summery shade? It's Sugar Apple 519 from Barry M and it's so bright and lovely, plus it goes with a whole array of colours. It's really similar to the Essie Mint Candy Apple shade but a steal at half the price!

4) Re-watching The Office 

We decided we wanted something upbeat and light-hearted to watch this week and after a quick browse on Netflix we settled on re-watching The Office. I'd forgotten just how brilliant it was and I found it even funnier now I have a few years of office working under my belt. I could definitely recognise a few of my colleagues past and present in the characters!

5) Yummy lunch at Bangwok 

bangwok thai leeds

Bangwok opened in a Leeds about a month ago, serving tasty Thai street food at lunchtime. It's just around the corner from my office but I haven't had chance to try it until this week but I have been SERIOUSLY missing out. It was one of the tastiest lunches I've ever had - I have a feeling it will be my go to haunt when I fancy a midweek treat!

6) Drinks in the sunshine

sunshine merrion street

On Thursday I met Jess in town for some after work drinks in the sunshine. It's so nice to work in town and be able to make the most of the nice weather in the evenings (especially as the sun keeps disappearing on weekends)! We drank cider and chatted and ate pizza and it was bloody well ace.

7) Friday night BBQ times

One of my best friends has just got back from travelling, and so we have everyone round to ours for a reunion BBQ on Friday night. We ate perfectly cooked burgers (well done boys!), drank a lot of sloe gin and played Cards Against Humanity. There's nothing better than good food and loads of laughs with your mates, is there?

8) Festival-ing at Long Division 

sam airey long division

Sam was on the bill at Long Division festival on Saturday so we headed across to Wakefield for the day. His set was in a church was amazing, and we also saw some other ace bands, including Menace Beach and Pulled Apart By Horses (I couldn't hear for about an hour after watching those two!) I also got to finally try out Manjit's Kitchen which was delicious - a pretty strong day out in my opinion!

9) Pretty peonies

My lovely friend Sarah bought us some super gorgeous peonies for hosting the BBQ - they are my all time favourite flowers and having them sitting on my coffee table is making me smile. I can't wait until they properly unfurl and bloom!

10) A big bag of Lush goodies

lush goody bag

All of the artists playing at Long Division were kindly gifted a huge big bag of Lush goodies. Sam is more of a wash and go kinda guy, so by default I have ended up with lots of new products to try out. I'm planning on holing myself up in the bathroom one night this week and having a mammoth pamper evening - I can't wait!