Review: Get the Glow - Madeleine Shaw

madeleine shaw get the glow review I've been trying to make some changes to my diet recently to help myself feel better. Too much gluten and dairy gives me horrible outbreaks of IBS and eczema, and whilst I could never cut them out for good (because, well, PIZZA and BURGERS), I am trying to reduce the amount I rely on them in my day to day life.

I picked up Madeleine Shaw's Get the Glow book on the recommendation of my friend Sarah who was raving about the delicious recipes. I have to admit that I was a bit sceptical - I've bought these sort of books before and read them wondering where on earth I would even buy the ingredients from, let alone find the time to cook the elaborate 25 step meals...

madeleine shaw get the glow review

But Get the Glow is truly different - the recipes are easy and rely on normal, everyday ingredients. And best of all, they are REALLY DELICIOUS. I haven't tried a single one that I haven't loved (you only need to ask my colleagues about the noises I made as I devoured the Thai beef salad for my lunch...) and even my boyfriend likes them. And well, getting him to enjoy anything remotely healthy is a huge win.

The book is broken down into two key sections - the first part is a six week programme and the second part is made up of over 100 recipes. Even though I haven't been following the six week programme, I really enjoyed reading this section - it taught me a lot about nutrition and why Madeleine recommends the ingredients she does. For example, I've always thought I was being super healthy cooking with olive oil, but I soon learnt that it doesn't react well to heat so have made the switch to coconut oil. If you have IBS I also recommend giving these chapters a read as there are lots of tips and tricks for limiting symptoms.


But for me, the big sell with this book is the recipe section, which is broken down into typical categories such as breakfasts/midweek suppers/sweet treats, etc. Each of the recipes is packed full of protein and veggies and has a big focus on flavour. My faves so far include turkey meatballs, scrambled eggs with pesto and the smoky roast chicken with sweet potato.

Some of the recipes do take a little bit more prep time than throwing a ready meal in the microwave, but the flavour pay off is SO worth it, and obviously they are way more nutritional. The other great thing about Madeleine's way of cooking is that I never feel hungry afterwards - all of the good stuff keeps me feeling full for ages.

madeleine shaw get the glow review

I wanted to wait a month or so before reviewing this book so that I could not only tell you about how the recipes tasted but also the impact they were having on my health. Four weeks after incorporating these recipes and the way of eating into my life I am feeling so much better - my eczema has pretty much disappeared and I have only had my IBS symptoms when I've had "cheat" meals (which I'm starting to learn are not worth feeling poorly for!) I've dropped a few pounds and my skin is looking much more glowy than it has done before - I've even been able to stop wearing foundation!

If you're looking to make similar changes to your diet I would really recommend picking this book up. It has helped me to understand why gluten and dairy make me feel bad, and has inspired me to cook up "clean" meals that were more exciting than your typical chicken and salad. It has become somewhat of a bible in my kitchen and I know it will remain that way for a while - I just need some new recipes now please Madeleine!

Have any of you read this or tried Madeleine's recipes? Or are there any similar books that you'd recommend? I'd love to hear about them if so!