21 things that happen when you hit your mid twenties


1) 70% of your Facebook friends will announce they're getting engaged/buying a house/having a baby. Even the ones who are four years younger than you. 2) People will start to ask you when you're going to get engaged/buy a house/have a baby. Usually this person will be your Mum.

3) You will have a breakdown about where your career is headed. This will feel even worse when you remember that Taylor Swift is only 25 and has achieved world domination.

4) Finding your first grey hair will make you cry. And then make you spend an awful lot of money on a new do at the hairdresser.

5) You will start to think you're all sophisticated because you've learnt to like red wine, but the elegance will be ruined when you go and spill it on your friends carpet after a couple of glasses.

6) A lot of your friends and colleagues will start turning 30. It will fill you with more fear and dread than you are comfortable with.

7) You'll spend ages saving like mad for super responsible things (you know, house deposits, MOTs, that sort of dull stuff) and then go and blow it all on a holiday after a stressful week at work.

8) Students will make you feel really old and very nostalgic. Oh the good old days, when you could binge watch to your hearts content and never had to wake up before 10am.

9) You will form a rather unhealthy reliance on coffee. Those cute Starbucks Instagrams aren't just for likes, they are serious, necessary fuel.

10) Buying yourself a bunch of flowers will make you feel really swish and happy. Sort of like that feeling you used to get when you bought something in Claire's Accessories when you were 13.

11) You'll know it's a cliche to be obsessed with New York, but you can't help it. No other city feels quite so #GIRLBOSS or Instagram worthy.

12) Shopping will become so much quicker and easier as you no longer need to bother trying on the stuff that obviously won't suit you. Laters, disco pants.

13) You will become a little bit obsessed with documentaries. You're watching TV which is relaxing, but also learning stuff which is productive. WIN WIN.

14) You'll give massive, scary presentations at work during the day, and then come home and watch Disney films in your PJs. It's all about balance.

15) Most of your meals will include avocado. They're just so damn tasty and Pinterest-worthy, plus they make your skin all glowy.

16) You will obsess over whether you're starting to get crows feet every time you take a selfie. What's the best filter for masking wrinkles?!

17) Staying out later than half ten on a weeknight will give you serious anxiety. Like how awful will work be tomorrow if I don't get my 8 hours sleep?

18) Eating too many carbs will make you look like you're 6 months pregnant. Which is a shame really, because the stress of being a grown up makes carbs SO necessary.

19) You will pine for the days when your Mum sorted everything out for you. It should totally be okay for your Mum to shout at your boss if they're being a bit mean.

20) Wearing Zara clothes for work will make you feel super sassy. Come at me world, I'm rocking this season's stylish culottes.

21) You will worry that technology is leaving you behind. Like what even is Periscope? Why do I need another social media site in my life???