10 favourites this week (#27)

flat white and muffin This week's been another busy one! Work has been a bit stressful lately but I've had lots of super fun stuff to balance it out too. So without further ado, here are my ten favourites this week...

1) Monday night roast dinner

We bought a big chicken to make a roast dinner with on Sunday, but after stuffing ourselves full of puller pork nachos we really didn't feel like it! Which meant we had all the ingredients to whip up a delicious Monday night roast instead - it felt like such a treat and helped to take the edge of *that* episode of Game of Thrones...

2) Booking our holiday 

I mentioned last week that Sam and I had been doing some holiday research and this week we finally booked some flights. We are off to Iceland and New York in September (Icelandair do some super cheap flights that include a free stopover in Reykjavik - go check them out!) and I could not be more excited. You all know how much I love New York City and I can't wait to explore Iceland either - there is so much I want to see there!

3) Yummy lunch at Chaophraya

We headed out to Chaophraya for a team lunch on Thursday and it was SO DELICIOUS. We had two courses plus loads of yummy Thai crackers and I was in a little bit of a food coma by the time we rolled back to the office. I would definitely recommend it for a cheap lunch option though - it was less than £12 each for two courses and the portions were really generous!

4) Lindt Salted Caramel Chocolate

lindt salted caramel

Sam brought this home for me after a particularly stressful day and I literally couldn't have been happier. It is so rich and delicious - I can definitely confirm that this will be a firm favourite in our household.

5) Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist

I watched this for the first time this week and LOVED IT. I'm a huge fan of Michael Cera (so cute and lovely) and watching them race all over NYC made me even more excited, but my favourite bit was the music. A must watch if you're looking for a quirky rom com, plus it's on Netflix. *thumbs up emoji*

6) My very own personalised cheeseboard 

personalised cheeseboard

Our lovely intern left this week to head back to uni and she bought me this AMAZING cheeseboard with my name on it. Whats even better is that the base swings out to reveal specialty cheese knives - best intern ever or what?! It was such a thoughtful gift and I can't wait to buy in all my favourites and have a cheese feast!

7) Friday evening at the Trafford Centre

I headed to the Trafford Centre after I finished work on Friday to meet my mum and sis for a girly evening of shopping and tapas. Despite just being paid that day I couldn't find anything I wanted to buy - isn't that always the way?! But it was still lovely to catch up and we had a seriously yum feast in Las Iguanas too.

8) A H&M sale haul 

After an unsuccessful shopping trip on Friday evening I placed a pretty bumper sale order on the H&M website. I can't wait for it to arrive (although I'll probs we waiting a little while still... why are H&M deliveries so slow?!) and I just hope it all fits and looks nice when it arrives. I might even do a little post to show you all!

9) Catch ups and brekkie with my bezza

I met my lovely friend Emily for breakfast and a catch up on Saturday morning - we ate Snickers muffins (which were like THE BEST THING EVER) and reminisced on our college days when we had zero responsibilities and spent a lot of money on bad Primark outfits for nights out. It always feels good to catch up with old friends doesn't it?

10) Celebrating Father's Day with my lovely family

I love celebrating special occasions in our family - it's always nice to get together and eat and drink a lot (which is our family's default way of celebrating) and Father's Day was no different. I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful Dad and Grandad and thoroughly enjoyed spending the day hanging out with them both.