10 favourites this week (#28)

10 favourites this week - saltaire I’ve been a bit of a rubbish blogger this week. I’ve kept meaning to come on and post, but I’ve had a horrible cold and I’ve just been lacking a bit of get up and go – you know those weeks where you get home from work and putting Netflix is on is about as much as you can do???

It wasn’t all bad though and I’ve had a pretty good week considering how sneezy and run down I’ve been. Here are my 10 favourites this week…

1) House of Cards

It’s taken us a while to get round to House of Cards but OH MY GOD I’M ADDICTED. We started watching this last Monday or Tuesday and we’ve finished season 1 already. It’s so clever and gripping and the characters are all really interesting – I would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a new show to binge watch!

2) A Turkish takeaway feast

Feeling poorly came hand in hand with having zero energy to cook, so we ended up treating ourselves to a mid-week takeaway feast from the amazing little Turkish place on our road. The food always tastes so fresh and flavoursome. It was a perfect little pick me up, and they say to feed a cold right?!

10 favourites this week - turkish feast

3) Vinted

We’re moving in a couple of weeks (we don’t know where to yet but don’t even get me started on that stress!) so I had a big clearout of my wardrobe to try and reduce the amount of crap I need to haul across. A friend at work recommended Vinted to me for selling any unwanted clothes and it’s AMAZING. It’s like an awesome cross of eBay and Instagram and it’s so easy to use! Do any of you guys use it?

4) Getting an unexpected cheque in the post

When we had to pull out of the house we were buying we resigned ourselves to the fact that we wouldn’t get the money back we had spent on surveys and solicitors. So imagine how chuffed I was to come home from work to a cheque for a full refund of everything we spent with the solicitors! We were so surprised as we were really not expecting it back – it will definitely help get our savings back on track.

5) A really epic shopping haul

After my very unsuccessful shopping trip to the Trafford Centre last week, I powered on in Leeds like a good shopping soldier and was rewarded by the fashion gods with a whole host of sale bargains. More on this later in the week as I have a post planned to share all of my lovely buys with you, but having lots of shiny new outfits has definitely helped put a smile on my face!

10 favourites this week - shopping haul

6) Working from home

We all had to work from home last Thursday as we were having an office reshuffle and it was actually great. It’s amazing how much more I managed to get done working from my sofa with no distractions – crossing things off the to-do list always makes me feel brighter.

7) Croissants

We went through a little phase last year where we ate croissants every weekend for brekkie, but for some unknown reason we haven’t had them for ages! We rectified this on Saturday morning with some lovely buttery flaky croissants and LOTS of strawberry jam. Perfect start to the weekend!

8) A lovely afternoon in Saltaire

I went and met some old work friends in Saltaire on Saturday afternoon – one of them has just had a gorgeous little girl and it was my first time meeting her. The sun was shining, we ate ice cream, chatted incessantly for 3 hours and had loads of newborn baby cuddles – is there any better way to spend a Saturday afternoon?

9) The Simple Things magazine

I picked a copy of this up in Salts Mill on Saturday and it’s my new favourite magazine without a doubt! It’s a lovely lifestyle mag with beautiful photography and revolving themes – this month it was all about journeys, and was stuffed full of inspiration for both far flung travel and ways to have more everyday adventures. I would definitely recommend picking a copy up!

10) Watching Glastonbury on the TV

Watching Glastonbury is always a bit of a bittersweet one for me as it brings on intense pangs of jealousy – some of my happiest memories were made in Worthy Farm! But I do always love catching up with some of my favourite bands and the Glasto coverage never disappoints. Highlights this year were watching Kanye West in bemusement and singing along to Lionel Richie in our living room…