Beauty | My 5 minute make up face

Like most girls, I really love it when I have loads of time to put my make up on - like when I'm getting ready for a big night out and I can spend ages perfecting my smoky eye and choosing my favourite lippy. But spending a long time beautifying myself is a rare occasion rather than my everyday - sleep is very precious to me (I'm a right grump if I don't get enough!) so I never have tonnes of time to get ready in the morning. In an effort to spend more time snoozing, I've managed to get my everyday make up face down to about 5 minutes, which is pretty impressive if you ask me! So I thought I'd share the products I use to get me looking more human everyday...

my 5 minute make up face

To start with I apply Garnier BB Cream all over my face - it's lighter than foundation so doesn't clog my skin up, but gives me a decent amount of coverage. I also like that it doesn't have too much colour to it - I live in constant fear of having an orange neckline, which is SO year 8. Then I use my trusty YSL Touche Éclat to cover up my dark bags (which I swear I never had until I started working full time!). It's a bit pricier than my usual make up purchases but it lasts forever and it really works!

Next up I use Benefit Watts Up to highlight my cheekbones, nose and brow bones. I love this product - it's really creamy and easy to apply and helps make my face look a little more dewy and healthy. Following that I use my Naked Flushed contour kit to add a bit of colour - I sweep the bronzer in the hollow of my cheekbones and over my temples, and then finish up with some blush on the apples of my cheeks.

Finally, I move on to my eyes. First I fill my brows in with a Rimmel eyebrow pencil - I don't mess with the shape too much, but I find that making them a little stronger gives my face more definition. Then I finish up with a couple of slicks of Benefit Roller Lash mascara (the best mascara in the WHOLE WORLD imho) before adding a flick of Rimmel Glam Eyes eyeliner to complete my look. I've worn liquid eyeliner pretty much everyday since I was 14, and now my face looks kinda weird without it.

And ta-daaaaaaaa, this is the end product! Less scary than when I first wake up, that's for sure...

my 5 minute everyday face

How long do you guys all spend applying your war paint in the mornings? Have you got any tips and tricks to help speed the process along?