10 favourites this week (#29)

pimms Isn’t it so nice to start the week with some sunshine? I swear it’s so much easier to wake up for work on a Monday when the sky is blue and it isn’t so cold that you feel emotionally attached to your duvet.

How has your week been? Mine was one of the best I’ve had in ages – I went to bed last night feeling like a very very lucky lady. Here are ten things that made me smile during the last seven days…

1) Singing loudly in the car with the windows down

This is one of my ultimate guilty pleasures. It’s a guilty pleasure because my voice is so terrible that I shouldn’t really force it on the outside world, but sometimes when you’re rocking your sunglasses and the windows are down and an amazing song comes on the radio, I just can’t help it. Does anyone else agree that this is one of the best feelings ever?!

2) Sunny yellow nails

I treated myself to a new nail varnish in the Topshop sale the other week – it’s a lovely pastel yellowy-green colour and it has been making me feel so summer ready. Also, can we just talk about how AMAZING Topshop nail varnishes are? I’ve never tried them before but they seem to last so much longer than any other cheapies I’ve tried.

3) Drinks on Belgrave Roof Terrace

belgrave roof terrace

This summer is the first that I’ve been working in the city centre rather than in an office in the middle of nowhere and I have fully been taking advantage of it this week by hitting up Belgrave for after work drinks. Their roof terrace is next level AND you can get half price pizza slices through the week. What’s not to love?

4) Finding a new house to live in

Many of you are aware of the stressful couple of months we had trying to buy a house. We had to pull out, and to add even more stress to the situation our landlord had sold our current home so we had to very quickly find somewhere new to rent. We have managed to find a lovely Victorian terraced house to move into next week, and best of all it’s just across the road!

5) Starbucks Frappucinos

I swear if you’d have taken a blood sample from me on Friday it would have been 90% frappucino. I practically lived on them last week – such a refreshing way to cool down during the heatwave AND get a caffeine fix at the same time. I wish it was always warm enough to justify these babies every morning.

6) Meeting Mickey and Minnie

disney mickey and minnie

I’ve had the busiest couple of weeks at work, and this week is going to be even crazier, but when you get to meet Mickey and Minnie at one of your meetings it kind of makes it all worth it. I’m feeling so lucky this week to have a job that I love and feel so passionate about – it makes Mondays pretty exciting.

7) A Zucco date night

We’ve been wanting to check out Zucco in Meanwood for a while but have never got round to it. On Friday we headed over after work and BOY am I glad I did. It was insanely good, and I think it may even be my new Leeds fave. More to come on this one as I’m gonna write up a little review but definitely worth a visit if you’re Leeds based!

8) A new baby in our family

This is definitely the most exciting thing on the list! On Friday my cousin gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, adding another gorgeous little human to our family brood. I can’t wait to meet him for cuddles and to spoil him and his big brother rotten.

9) Cuddles with this little guy


How cute please? Sitting in the garden in the sunshine playing games and toddling about with him made me very happy. He has just learnt how to high 5 (so cool) and also shouts “oh no” at inappropriate times.

10) Pimms in the garden

You know that summer has truly arrived when my Mum gets the jug of Pimms out. Nothing tastes more like sunshine and happiness – especially when drunk with my lovely family in my Dad’s colourful garden. Ultimate zen vibes.