10 favourites this week (#30)

10 favourites this week the liquorist leeds I think this week may have been the quickest one of the whole year. Like how is it Monday again already and HOW is it the middle of July?! I was away working for most of the week and it literally zoomed by - but there was plenty of fun and games in the midst so I'm not complaining.

Without further ado, here are my 10 favourites this week...

1) A hotel room picnic

I stayed in the very glamourous Heathrow Travelodge (sense my irony...) for most of last week and let's face it, their food was a bit naff. After a couple of nights of bland meals in their restaurant I decided to mix it up and have a hotel room picnic instead - cheese, crusty bread, wine and some lovely chocolate. Healthy? Definitely not, but lovely all the same..

2) Discovering a Topshop outlet

Seriously guys, THIS IS A THING. An amazing, wonderful, beautiful thing. Unfortunately for me, it's in Slough, so not really convenient for regular shopping, but my lovely friend Em told me about it and I checked it out while I was down south this week. Everything in the store is in the sale and it nearly made me hyperventilate. Does anyone know if they have these gems anywhere else in the UK?!

3) Making this necklace

I haven't made any jewellery in ages, but I was feeling a bit creative last week and got to work on this little baby. It's the first time I've made anything with beads but I'm really happy with the finished product so it definitely won't be the last!

10 favourites this week necklace

4) Pretty Little Liars

It's my new Netflix obsession - I started watching it a few weeks ago but really got into it while I was away last week (thank god for hotel wifi right?). I love how American and dramatic it is and I am already dying to know who A is...

5) Coming home to lovely flowers and a sparklingly clean house

10 favourites this week lilies

Just what every girl wants after a few days away right?! It was so nice to get home and not have toworry about putting the hoover round or doing the dishes, and these gorgeous pink lilies were just the icing on the cake. Think I've got that boyfriend of mine pretty well trained...

6) Girls night in

Accompanied by Prosecco, Thai takeaway and a substantial amount of holiday planning. I can't think of many better ways to spend a Friday than with two of my lovely besties researching our upcoming trip to Hamburg and gorging on lots of tasty food. A fab way to start the weekend after a busy week!

7) This watermelon sequin tee

10 favourites this week h&m watermelon sequin tee

Because what's not to love?! I couldn't stop thinking about it after featuring it on my H&M wishlist the other day and I have no regrets. It makes me feel so sassy and jazzy and summery when I wear it, which is all I can really ask for from any t-shirt.

8) Attending The City Girls Leeds blogger event

This was my first blogger event and I couldn't have asked for anything more!!! The attention to detail was amazing, everyone was super friendly and the goody bags - well they were something else. I've got a few posts scheduled to tell you more about the day but I had SO much fun and it was definitely the highlight of my week. Thanks to the lovely Lorna and Holly for having me!

9) Finally meeting lots of lovely bloggers

10 favourites this week

This was one of my favourite things about The City Girls event - it was so lovely to finally meet the people behind some of the blogs I love! One of them was the lovely Bee from Queen Beady who I met up with beforehand - we've been chatting on Twitter for ages so it already felt like I knew her and she was just as lovely in real life. (Please note that I stole this picture from the lovely Lorna!)

10) Homemade pulled pork

We had this bubbling away in the slow cooker all day while we got on with the mammoth task of starting to pack our house up and it was the perfect meal to eat sat on the sofa and watching yet more episodes of House of Cards. I wanna start using my slow cooker more (I forgot how easy it was!) so let me know if you have any good recipes!