18 things that happen when you move house

things that happen when you move house

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1) You promise yourself that you will take this as an opportunity to clearout half your wardrobe, but instead just keep finding dresses you'd forgotten about and get giddy at all the new potential outfit opportunities.

2) You find old photos and mementos and get all nostalgic. Remember when I was 18 and thin and went out every Friday?! Ahhhhh, the good ol' days...

3) Your organised and efficient packing strategy quickly gets replaced with a manic "it doesn't MATTER what room it belongs to, just PUT IT IN THE BOX GODDAMMIT!!!"

4) You will enthusiastically unpack all your lovely decorative bits so that you can take some pics of your new fireplace for Instagram, while your clothes will remain strewn across your new bedroom for weeks.

5) Your body will ache for days from the physical exertion of carrying those boxes of shoes up and down the stairs. Like seriously, you won't need to go to the gym for weeks.

6) You will inevitably forget to organise for internet to be installed in your new place and spend your first few evenings lost, wondering what to watch now you don't have Netflix access.

7) The thing you really need (ie, hairdryer/laptop charger/make up bag/screwdriver) will always be in the last box you unpack.

8) You'll spend around 50% of this months salary in Ikea, even if you already own everything you could possibly need for your new pad. It's just the rules, sorry.

9) The pain of having to update your address on your driving license, ASOS delivery form, savings account and every single other place that you forget need to know where you live will haunt you for months. Just when you think you've hit them all, your old postcode will appear, taunting you.

10) You will spend more time than is good for your sanity on hold while trying to set up your utility bills. Like seriously, I just want to give you money, PLEASE answer the phone.

11) Around 47% of your glassware will meet their untimely death during the transition. RIP big lovely wineglass, we've been through a lot together.

12) You will wake up with sheer panic not knowing where you are for at least two weeks. Oh, and all the new noises will make you pretty damn certain that there's a murderer creeping around upstairs. Lovely.

13) You can justify at least a weeks worth of takeaways using excuses like "oh but I don't think we've unpacked the wok yet" and "we've burnt so many calories shifting that bookcase". Plus it's only fair that you give your new local Chinese a try, right?!

14) You'll struggle to find new homes for all your stuff. Like where is the Christmas tree meant to live and why doesn't your new kitchen have as many cupboards?

15) You will automatically drive to your old house on autopilot on accident and then feel traumatised that you definitely weren't concentrating at ALL for your whole commute home. Whoopsie.

16) There will be the inevitable arguments over the IKEA flat pack furniture. Why does it take so long and why there so many screws and why don't the instructions have words and whyyyyyyy!?!?!

17) Your brain will start forgetting the most basic stuff as it makes room for remembering the long list of stressful things that you need to do. Moving house = losing marbles.

18) You will become obsessed with finding the perfect prints for your new living room. Just 5 more minutes browsing Etsy, I swear...