10 favourites this week (#31)

moving house Happy Monday people! I'm feeling a bit wiped today after a weekend of moving furniture and boxes and sleeping on a deflated airbed but I just remembered it's payday and we have a new bed coming tomorrow and I had a really yummy breakfast so feeling a bit tired isn’t all bad really is it!?

Anyway, this week has been a good’un. Even though it’s been a bit stressful and I have definitely had more than one temper tantrum, I went to bed feeling pretty content and happy last night. Here are my ten favourites this week:


This was the biggie this week and even though all of these things happened and my limbs feel like they’ve been at bootcamp all weekend, now that we’re settled and starting to unpack I’m feeling pretty happy. Our new house has huge windows in every room making it super bright and the kitchen is absolutely dreamy – I have so much space too cook up new creations now! Once we’re all unpacked and sorted I will do a little home tour to show you all our sweet new abode.

2) Having a garden

Directly related to number 1 is that our new house also comes with a lovely big backyard that is an absolute little suntrap. I can’t wait to add a bit of colour with some potted plants and I’m totally thinking about starting a little herb garden (middle aged at 25, bless) too. And also it’s nice to just have a private space to drink all the Pimms and get my tan on. Now if only the heatwave could make a joyous return…

3) Afternoon tea at Just Grand! Vintage Tearooms

I headed here with the girls on Saturday afternoon to celebrate Emily’s birthday and it was so lovely – the décor was so cute and the food was yum too. They were really accommodating of my annoying food tweak requests and their Terry’s chocolate orange brownie was to die for. Paired with Prosecco and lots of gossip, it was pretty much the perfect afternoon.

just grand! vintage tearooms afternoon tea

4) Getting a tax rebate

I got home on Monday evening to a very welcome letter from the HMRC telling me that I was owed a hefty tax rebate. Weirdly, it was for almost the exact amount we lost on the survey we had to pay for our house purchase that fell through, so with that and the refund from the solicitors, our savings are back to full healthy. Strange how these things work out, isn’t it?!

5) Lovely new notebooks

I picked both of these little babies up from TK Maxx at the weekend – which FYI is my current favourite place to buy stationery from – and I paid about £11 for the two of them. The shiny gold leather one is my favourite as it feels so premium and sassy – like posh enough to use for important meetings, but still cool too.

new notebooks tk maxx

6) Having a night off

Last Tuesday I felt a bit crap and lethargic - I got home from work, made some pasta, and went to bed at half 7 with my book and a belly full of carbs. I didn’t exercise, I didn’t do any cleaning and I definitely didn’t do any packing, all of which made me feel a tad guilty, but ultimately, I needed a rest. The next morning I was back to my usual energetic, productive, happy self – proof that sometimes we need to just treat ourselves to a bit of downtime.

7) Mhairi Black’s maiden speech

I cannot believe that this girl is only 20 – at that age, I spent most of my time nursing a hangover trying not to be late to my only lecture of the day. Whether you agree with what she says or not she is just totally kick ass – watch and feel inspired!

8) Buying a new fridge freezer

mars bar ice cream

I know this is lame and almost as middle aged as having a herb garden but I am so excited that we have a new fridge freezer. We haven’t had a freezer for about 18 months and so we have been celebrating with Mars bar ice creams and ice cold cocktails all weekend. Also it makes me feel way more grown up than I am now we own expensive electrical appliances!

9) A really yum Turkish lunch with the family

I’ve banged on about Ephesus a few times on here (it’s an amazing little Turkish restaurant in our village) and this weekend it delivered yet again! My Mum and Dad treated us to a fab lunch there yesterday and it was so nice – made even better by hanging out with them and my sister. I just wish I was off to Turkey for a week in the sun with my Mum and sis today, lucky buggers!

10) Finding Nemo

We have no Internet yet at the new house which means that Netflix is off the cards, so we resorted to our DVD collection last night and picked out Finding Nemo. I hadn’t seen it in AGES but it was just as funny and heartwarming as I’d remembered – perfect Sunday evening movie in my opinion!