21 things every graduate misses about university

things every graduate misses about university Graduation season is upon us and it’s got me feeling all nostalgic about university.

Most of the time, I’m pretty happy about being a working lady. I don’t miss the stress of exams or the painful boredom of pulling a library all nighter to finish that 5000 word essay. When I remember how mouldy our old student houses were it makes me squirm, and I quite like having a bit of disposable income to blow on ASOS shoes and fancy homeware.

But every now and then I get a pang for the good ol’ days of student-dom. Because even though being a student comes hand in hand with being skint and hormonal and a bit gross, it’s still an absolute freaking ball.

So to indulge my nostalgia, here are 21 things every graduate misses about university…

1) The absolute bliss of being able to have an afternoon nap every single day and not being judged for it.

2) The outfit possibilities of living with a house full of girls – so much untapped wardrobe potential!

3) Lazing about on the sofa with your housemates indulging your hangover and filling in the blanks from the previous night.

4) Being able to have an amazing night out for less than £20, including your taxis and club entry. How was that even possible?!

5) Free McDonald’s cheeseburgers. Preferably consumed at 4.30am, post-club kicking out.

6) 0% interest student overdrafts. Until you realised that actually, you have to give that money back. Sad face.

7) Student discount. Making everything in Topshop seem slightly more affordable.

8) Never missing a parcel delivery because you had nowhere more important to be at 2pm in the afternoon on a Tuesday.

9) Being able to spend 4 hours getting ready for a night out and then an extra 3 hours pre-drinking.

10) Spending the whole day in the pub beer garden as soon as the sun made an appearance.

11) Binge watching TV shows and chick flicks for days on end.

12) Being able to go shopping at the quietest times – hello no Primark changing rooms queue!

13) Being able to legitimately wear comfy trackies all day without people thinking you were homeless.

14) Taking a million photos on nights out and laughing hysterically at them the next day.

15) A hangover being a legitimate reason to cancel the day and stay in bed with ALL of the snacks.

16) Lie ins. Cause everyone knows that once you get a 9-5 job its impossible to sleep past 7am.

17) Three month summers. We totally didn’t appreciate those babies enough at the time.

18) The acceptability of alcopops. So cheap and delicious (until the next morning when your mouth feels like it’s been line with fur).

19) Going to clubs that only play cheesy 90s hits. Because no one can feel bad while dancing to B*witched.

20) Having a communal fancy dress box. Because you never know when you’re going to need a cape or a high vis jacket.

21) Feeling so intelligent and studious after handing in your dissertation. Like, I don’t want to brag or anything, but am I THE cleverest person ever?!