10 favourites this week (#32)

scarborough bay This week has been pretty damn lovely. You know how every now and then you have one of those weeks packed full o' loveliness that make you feel so lucky and content? Well, yeah, cheesy as it is, it's been one of those.

I think this is one of the easiest of these posts I've ever written (not that they're usually difficult, but this one was just really obvious to write) and it makes me really glad that I started this little series so that I can capture all of these happy moments.

So that's enough cheesy word vomit from me, let's just crack on with the favourites shall we...

1) Booking a trip to see my bezza

Living away from some of my all time besties is pretty naff - especially when you just wanna be able to call round after a shit day at work for a glass of wine and a rant and the advice you need to hear. I don't get to see my lovely Fi nearly enough, so I am SO excited to go and visit her in Norfolk in a couple of weeks for a long overdue hangout.

2) Nourish Fast Food

nourish fast food

This is 100% my new fave lunch spot in Leeds - their aim is all to bring healthy fast food to the masses and it's bloody DELICIOUS. I had the chicken satay quinoa which was like comfort in a bowl, and it was also really reasonably priced. You should definitely check it out if you are local!

3) The super lovely blogging community

I've also known how amazing the blogging community is - I've had so much support and good vibes ever since starting this little blog last November. But after sharing my most personal post ever last Tuesday, the amount of love and positivity I received from you guys was overwhelming. It made me feel so much better and has had me grinning like a Cheshire cat all week long, so THANKS!!!

4) Making our new house homely

making a house more homely

This has got to be the most fun part of moving house right?! We've finally got through all the annoying bits, like changing energy suppliers and putting our clothes away, and now we're onto the fun stuff like decorating and buying new cushions. So yeah, I'm probably gonna spend 80% of time on Pinterest or buying new soft furnishings online for the next few weeks, and I am very happy about this.

5) Having a bra fitting

I know that this seems like an odd one to feature on this list, but bear with me. I was in desperate need for a couple of new bras, and I decided to head to Bravissimo to double check I was wearing the right size before I spent my pennies. Turns out I was wearing bras that were two sizes too small and I cannot tell you what a difference the bigger size has made. My boobs feel so much more supported and secure - it is so liberating! And the ladies at Bravissimo were so lovely and knowledgeable and generally ace. So yeah, you should all do this if you don't already!

6) Our new margarita glasses

margarita glasses

How amazing are these margarita glasses?! They are IKEA's finest (as are the gorgeous Pinterest-esque straws) and I am pretty obsessed with them. Also obsessed with going out with a bartender and being able to have cocktails made for me whenever the situation requires them...

7) A sunny run

sunny canal runs

I've fallen a bit out of love with running recently - it's felt like a bit of a chore and I just wasn't getting the same kick out of it. But on Saturday morning, the sun was streaming in and I just wanted to be out on the canal enjoying it. I laced up my trainers and had one of my most enjoyable runs ever. It wasn't super fast or long, but it got me back out there. Here's hoping it inspires me to do it again this week!

8) An epic date night

pieminister leeds

That combined two of my all time faves - Pieminister and Everyman Cinema. Pieminister pies was one of the first things me and Sam first bonded over (yup, we are both pastry fanatics) and we've been meaning to try the new Leeds restaurant out for ages. It definitely didn't disappoint! Nor did Everyman Cinema, which always feels like such a treat (wine and sofas in the cinema, what more could you want?). We saw Inside Out, which I think was my all time favourite Pixar movie - you should all go and see it!

9) Loving my job

I never really mention work on here cause I like to keep things separate, but my job has definitely been contributing to my happiness recently. I feel like I'm doing good work at the moment - I'm working on some exciting projects and I'm starting to see the results of the effort I've been putting in since joining last August. We spend so much of our lives at work, and finding something that doesn't make me dread Mondays is pretty great.

10) A day trip to Scarborough

scarborough day out


I'm going to do a whole blogpost on this little seaside adventure, but it definitely deserves a mention here too. We had so much fun playing arcade games, buying fudge, eating ice cream and wandering along the sea front. I always wish we lived closer to the sea - there is just something so great about that fresh sea air and views for miles isn't there?