A day out to... Scarborough

It's been a little while since I've done one of my days out posts - we've been so busy recently that we haven't really been anywhere too exciting. But on Sunday we got up early, jumped in the car and took a little drive out to Scarborough. a day out to scarborough

a day out to scarborough

We've visited nearby Whitby a couple of times over the past few years but had never made it to Scarborough. It was everything you could want from a day out at the British seaside - seagulls, ice creams, retro amusement arcades, and a chippy on every corner.

a day out to scarborough a day out to scarborough

It made me nostalgic for the holidays we used to have when I was growing up - usually on a Haven caravan park with my big mad family. My Nan would let us eat as many sugary things as we wanted and we'd all run wild before passing out from too much sea air. I have so many happy memories of those seaside holidays, and I want to make sure that when I have kids we take plenty of trips to the British coast rather than always heading abroad.

a day out to scarborough P1040828

We spent a fun few hours wandering along the seafront, buying fudge and eating fish and chips, washed down with a gigantic pot of tea. It didn't matter that the weather was a bit naff because drizzle is kind of a summer holiday tradition here in the UK, isn't it?

a day out to scarboroughP1040837

It was such a lovely day and reminded me that playing tourist at home can be just as fun as going away. We're always so eager to visit new cities and countries, but in reality, there are so many fab places right here on our doorstep in Yorkshire. Spending just a few hours by the sea made my heart a little bit happier.

a day out to scarborough

a day out to scarborough

I'm determined to plan more of these little days out for us to enjoy - it was so nice to make the most of our day off together, rather than spending it pottering around the house and binge watching House of Cards on Netflix.

Where would you recommend we explore next? Link me up if you know of any fun Yorkshire day trips!