10 favourites this week (#33)

sunset hamburg Bit late with my favourites this week as yesterday I spent the day severely hungover in Hamburg after a hilarious night out filled with Jagermeister, impressive dance moves and a Thai karaoke bar. It’s safe to say we weren’t feeling too spritely!

But I’m home now, feeling like a broken woman with a bag full of photobooth snaps and lots of happy memories! So without further ado, here are my 10 favourites this week…

1) My new £5 Primark bag

primark snakeskin bag

This bag makes me way happier than it should. Like just LOOK at how pretty and snazzy and Chanel-esque it is. I nearly whooped when I found it in Primark, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be back this week for the black and tan versions…

2) Joining The High Tea Cast editorial team

I’ve been a little bit obsessed with The High Tea Cast for a while now – I mean what’s not to love about kick ass women writing stuff that you can actually relate to?! So when Sam and Lea asked me to join the editorial team I was absolutely chuffed and very very honoured. Keep your eyes peeled for my first piece next week!

3) This pretty Topshop dress

topshop dress

This is the dress of my dreams. It has floaty arms and pretty frills and a super flattering cut and I felt amazing when I wore it in Hamburg this weekend. I don’t buy nearly as much from Topshop these days (mainly because teeny tiny crop tops don’t look great on my generous chest) but I just knew I couldn’t leave this on the rack.

4) Rola Wala lunch

We are totally spoiled with fab places for interesting fast food in Leeds, and last week I finally got round to trying Rola Wala, which is one of the permanent traders in Trinity Kitchen. They specialise in Indian street food and I opted for a naan wrap stuffed with chicken tikka, paneer and delicious toppings and sauces. So much better than a Boots meal deal!

5) Drinking Aperol spritz at a beach bar

aperol spritz beach bar

Who knew that Hamburg had beach bars?! They’re bloody good ones too. We were so spoiled with fab weather this weekend and we spent a lot of our girly weekend away sat on deckchairs, listening to chilled music and drinking cocktails. Who needs to travel to Ibiza, eh?

6) My first ever style post

I’ve wanted to do some outfit posts for a little while but I’ve always been a bit nervous that people might be like “why on earth is she doing this?!”. But I braved it and posted my first one last week and you guys were just absolutely LOVELY about it. Here’s hoping I can convince Sam to take a few snaps for me so I can continue with them…

7) Spaghettieis


This is a definite German culinary highlight for icecream lovers and was our absolute lifesaver as we slothed about in the 33 degrees heat yesterday. It basically consists of vanilla ice cream that is fed through a potato ricer to make it look like spaghetti, topped with strawberry sauce and white chocolate shavings. So tasty and very novel!

8) Watching the sunset over the harbour

One of the most perfect moments of our weekend away was drinking Prosecco as the sunset over the harbour around us. We sat there for hours and put the world to rights and stared at the pretty boats while the sky put on a little show for us – it was so lovely!

9) Photo booth fun

photo booth hamburg

Similarly to Berlin, Hamburg has loads of photo automats dotted around the city in random locations. Me and my friends love a good photo booth so these were very well utilised by us at all times – we have some hilarious ones from when we had had one too many glasses of Prosecco…

10) A night out on the Reeperbahn

This was by far the most fun we had on our trip! We drank Jagermeister out of tiny bottles, danced to old school R’n’B in a tacky club and sang Spice Girls (complete with dance moves) on karaoke, before ending the night as all good nights should end – with a box of chicken nuggets in MacDonalds!