Travel Series: 10 reasons why you should visit Hamburg

hamburg travel guide warehouse districthamburg travel guide warehouse district I'm going to be completely honest with you all: we booked our holiday to Hamburg based on nothing other than the fact it was the cheapest place to visit on the weekend we were all free. We had no idea how much fun it would be or how much there was to see and do really until we got there.

But it turned out to be one of the best European city breaks I've been on and I wanted to tell you all why it was so great, and maybe encourage a couple of you to visit too. So here you go: 10 reasons why you should visit Hamburg...

1) There are two beautiful lakes to explore

The two lakes in Hamburg are known as the inner and outer Alster lakes. They are located right next to each other and are perfect for having a little wander round or even renting a boat. Make sure to have lunch and a glass of prosecco or two at one of the little restaurants around the edge.

hamburg travel guide alster lake P1040988hamburg travel guide alster lake

2) They have amazing beach bars

Despite the city sitting on a river rather than the coast, every summer Hamburg's port gains a couple of beach bars - complete with deck chairs, cocktails and sand. We were so lucky with the weather the weekend we were there, so the beach bars were definitely one of our favourite places to frequent!

hamburg travel guide beach bars dock 3hamburg travel guide beach bars dock 3hamburg travel guide beach bars dock 3

3) There are Photoautomats dotted all around the city

Just like Berlin, Hamburg has Photoautomats dotted all around the city. They're always in the places you'd least expect them to be, which makes for the best photos! Who doesn't love a photobooth?!

hamburg travel guide fotoautomatshamburg travel guide photoautomat

4) Spaghettieis is a thing there

You can only get these amazing ice creams in Germany - they consist of vanilla ice cream"spaghetti", strawberry sauce and grated white chocolate. So basically, heaven in a bowl.

hamburg travel guide spaghettieis

5) You can watch the sun set over the port

Drinking Prosecco as we watched the sunset was by far one of my favourite things we did while we were in Hamburg - just look how beautiful it was!!! Definitely one not to miss if you decide to visit.

hamburg travel guide hafen city sunsethamburg travel guide sunset hafen city

6) You can accidentally stumble on uber cool block parties

This is the sort of thing that could only happen in Germany. We were wandering down the street, minding our business and trying to find our way home when we heard music blaring out. A few minutes walk led us to a super cool Sunday afternoon block party, complete with DJs and bunting!

hamburg travel guide block partyhamburg travel guide block party

7) You can check out the bars where The Beatles started their career

Before their meteoric rise to international stardom, The Beatles spent two years playing daily in Hamburg at Indra club and the Kaiserkeller. You can check out both venues, and also have your photo taken with the metal incarnations at Beatles-Platz.

hamburg travel guide the beatles indra palacehamburg travel guide the beatles indrahamburg travel guide beatles-platz

8) The port area (Hafen City) is pretty beautiful

You can catch a ferry along the Elbe and take it all in, or you can walk along the riverfront, ice cream in hand, admiring all of the boats. Either way, it's a pretty lovely place to while away a couple of hours.

hamburg travel guide hafen cityhamburg travel guide hafen city

9) The shopping is great

Whether you want high street shops like H&M or Zara, or quaint little independents, Hamburg has everything you need to satisfy your spending needs. Check out the Europa Passage for the ultimate shopping mall experience or Mutterland for quirky gifts and deli buys.

hamburg travel guide shopping mutterland

10) You can have a mad night out on the Reeperbahn

This was by far the funnest experience of our visit - a very drunken night out on the Reeperbahn! Steer clear of the dodgy red light district end and hit up the short street filled with neon lights. There you'll find bars that play 90s and 00s R'n'B and a Thai Karaoke bar. What else could you want?!

hamburg travel guide reeperbahn