Weekly Reads Round Up (#20)

weekly reads round up

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I haven't done a round up post for ages and ages as we've been so busy at the weekends this summer. I had a bit of spare time yesterday to pull this one together, so ENJOY!

  • I thoroughly empathised with Emma's post about being an accidental diet saboteur - life's too short right?!
  • Hannah's thoughts about the rise of the Instagrammer got me thinking about what the Internet might look like this time next year.
  • Katie's Shake Shack review made me so excited for our impending New York visit...
  • I thought this article on The Debrief was so on point - are we a generation who are constantly trying to offset our decisions?
  • Hazel Jane hit the nail on the head with her post about why you don't have to quit your job to live your life.
  • Poppy D totally convinced me to buy M&S jeans and I'm sure you'll be skipping to your local high street too after reading her post.
  • Michelle managed to simultaneously make me laugh a lot and also feel much better about not quite having it all together yet.
  • Charlotte's writing always makes me feel a bit warm and fuzzy inside, but this post definitely tugged on my old heartstrings.