10 favourites this week (#36)

penmon point lighthouse anglesey I can't believe how fast August is whizzing by. This summer has ben so full of lovely stuff but I feel like it was just May Bank Holiday a couple of weeks ago!

I'm so glad I've kept up this little series of weekly round ups so that I can look back on them all when it's cold and icy and dark and remember what a lovely summer it was.

So let's crack on with my 10 favourites this week...

1) Hannah Gale’s peanut butter chicken

I've had my eye on this recipe for a while and OMG I'm so glad we finally tried it! It was so good that Sam even ate all of the vegetables that I'd snuck into it (yes he's a 28 year old man-child). It was so comforting and tasty but actually quite healthy too - definitely a new midweek staple in our house!

2) Chef

We watched this on Tuesday evening and basically it's the perfect movie. Heartwarming storyline? Check. Likeable characters? Check. Tonnes and tonnes of food porn? CHECK CHECK CHECK. Seriously, I wanted to eat everything in this film, so maybe don't watch it when you're hungry or on a diet...

3) A video of my baby cousin saying hello

My sister sent me this a video of my baby cousin saying hello on Monday  I reckon I've now watched it 54,837 times this week. Every time I've felt stressed or grumpy, I've listened to his gorgeous little voice and felt instantly better!

4) Catch ups at Red's True BBQ with Red

When my cousin Red said he was going to be in town on Wednesday, there was only one place we could take him - Red's True BBQ! Name jokes aside, the food was bloody amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed catching up and laughing with Red. Please move to Leeds now?!

reds true bbq leeds

5) Shopping and lunch with my lovely sis

We bought matching t-shirts for our trip to Disneyland next week (which I am SO EXCITED ABOUT - childhood, come at me!), ate noodles and caught up over a beer. I can't wait to spend the whole weekend with her and our lovely Mum in Paris next week - do leave a comment if you got any good tips!

6) This amazing sunset on our drive to Anglesey

anglesey sunset

It definitely made a long Friday night journey much more enjoyable. The sky was all pinky purple and we could see the coast rolling out in the distance - pretty dreamy. Photo courtesy of Sam who is the master of Instagram!

7) Being outdoors

bike ride in anglesey

One of my favourite things about visiting Sam's parents in Anglesey is getting out in the fresh air and being by the sea. We went for walks on deserted beachs, climbed up hills for cracking views and went on a lovely bike ride around the coast. It didn't even matter that the weather was a bit on the damp side!

8) A weekend of delicious food

Saturday morning fry ups, home cooked roast beef, fresh green juices, croissants, an epic Chinese feast.... Sam's parents definitely know how to feed us up when we visit! We were thoroughly spoiled and definitely left the island feeling rather full...

9) Booking all of our excursions for Iceland

I've written before about the struggle between planning and also being spontaneous on holidays, but for our impending trip to Iceland we knew we wanted to plan a few big excursions. Yesterday we booked up for the Golden Circle Tour and a trip to the Blue Lagoon and it's made me even more excited for our holiday. Again, any tips for our trip please let me know!

10) Feeling relaxed 

I don't think either of us realised quite how desperate we were for a relaxing weekend away. It's been a busy summer and we definitely appreciated a weekend filled with fresh air and great food and proper sleep. We are definitely refreshed and ready for a busy few weeks ahead now!