7 ways to boost your body confidence (without going on a diet)

boost body confidence

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago about my ongoing battle with body confidence and judging by the response I got from you guys, it seems a lot of you were feeling the same way as me. Which is a bit crap really, because life is way too short and fun to spend it on a constant diet, feeling guilty about every doughnut we eat.

So in attempt to get us all feeling that bit better about ourselves, I thought I’d share a few fail-safe ways to help you boost your body confidence without ever having to go on a diet.

I’d love love LOVE to hear if you have any tips or tricks that I haven’t featured on this list!

1) Bin the scales

This is the biggy and definitely the most difficult one for me. Daily weighing is a terrible habit that I have had for such a long time, but being ruled by a number makes it nigh on impossible to feel confident in your skin. Our weight fluctuates for so many reasons (hormones, exercise and heat to name a few) so get rid and go on how your clothes fit.

2) Stop saying mean things to yourself

Another one that is easier said than done! How often do you stand in front of the mirror telling yourself that your hips are too big or your stomach is huge or your skin is too spotty or your calves are too chunky? Imagine if someone said these things to your best friend – you’d be absolutely outraged and would immediately rush to their defence. So stop being mean to yourself and treat yourself how you would your bezza.

3) Accept compliments

How often do you ignore the compliments people give you? I'm such a sucker for brushing off nice comments and convincing myself that people were just saying it to be kind. Accepting the compliments you receive, and remembering them when you have a bit of a down day can really boost your body confidence.

4) Go for a bra fitting

I did this a couple of weeks ago and it has made me feel better about my body than anything else this year. Wearing a properly fitted bra has not only made my boobs look better (and feel more supported!) but it has made my waist look smaller and just generally helps clothes fit better. I highly recommend Bravissimo - their ladies are super lovely and make you feel right at ease.

5) Stop comparing yourself to everyone else

We all do this one don't we? We compare ourselves to people with completely different figure types and lifestyles and habits and feel miffed that we don't look the same way. Newsflash, you're a completely unique little human, and ain't ever gonna look anybody else (thank god, cause you're lovely as you are!). Stop comparing and start embracing.

6) Find some exercise that you love

No, not because you need to lose weight or tone up shrink your thighs. Just because exercise can make you feel a million percent better, and because using your body to run or dance or play sport will make you feel more in tune with it and more grateful of what it can do. Work on finding something that you look forward to doing rather than dread, and make it a real treat for both mind and body.

7) Understand what styles flatter you

This one has really come with age for me (doesn't that make me sound really old and wise?!). When I was younger I would always try and squeeze myself into the latest trend, regardless of whether it flattered my figure or not: crop tops, disco pants, dropped waists - you name it, I've tried it. Now I'm more confident about what styles will make me look good and feel confident - it's all about the high waisted midi skirts, flattering necklines and dressed that can be nipped in with a belt.