I’ve been friends with these two beautiful ladies for nine whole years.

They’ve been by my side for all of that awkward, exciting, emotional transition from self-conscious teenager to (almost) with it adult. They’ve seen me through break ups and exams and job interviews and mid-twenties meltdowns. They've known me right the way through those messy formative years, when you're really figuring out who you are and who you want to be. They’ve featured in so many of my happiest memories and have always been there with open arms for the times that haven’t been so great.

It pains me regularly that I don't live closer to them. I can't just pop round to their house for a cup of tea after a shitty day. We can't meet up for lunch every Saturday and put the world to rights and share sordid gossip and maybe drink a bottle of wine because we feel like it. Our friendship is not an in your face, talk everyday, know every detail kind of friendship. Heck, we're lucky if we manage to find gaps in our busy schedules to spend a weekend together 3 or 4 times a year.

And yet these girls are still the same two girls that I would call the minute I got any bad news. They’re still the same two people who I am most excited about celebrating with when something exciting happens in my life. They're probably the two people in the world who know me best, after Sam and my immediate family. They're definitely the ones I feel the best around, the people who give me that wondeful sensation of just feeling a bit more me.

I think that's how you can tell when you've found a truly great friend, one that will outlast your current job or location or perhaps even partner - when you come away from seeing them feeling like the happiest, best version of yourself. I'm so lucky that these two ladies are my very own personal life cheerleaders, always on hand to give me pep talks and celebrate successes and remind me that I got this. And maybe even more important is the fact that never, ever, in our nine years of friendship have I ever felt judged or patronised by them, no matter what my opinion or action or comment.

We are different in so so many ways. We have different careers, live in different places, have different goals and ambitions for our life. We have all grown so much from the three 17 year olds who met at college back in 2006, and our lives have changed in so many ways we couldn't have imagined or predicted back then. And yet somehow, our friendship has not only lasted, but grown and adapted and become something that I now know we will never be without.

I suppose this post is a celebration of these wonderful women and the incredibly important role they play in my life. A way of reminding them how fab they are and how proud I am to call myself their best friend. And a long, overdue thank you to them both for always putting up with me, always being there for me, always making me laugh, and always knowing exactly what to say to make me feel right.

May we still be laughing and drinking gin and dancing and gossiping until the early hours until we're 90.