10 favourites this week (#37)

paris sunrise montmarte First of all, can we just chat about the fact that it's SEPTEMBER already?!! Like, how on earth did that happen?

I feel like it was only just May bank holiday weekend and then I blinked and the summer disappeared and now the kids are going back to school and the nights are getting darker and I can't cope.

Like seriously summer, why you go so fast!?

Anyway, on a separate note, this week has been bloody awesome. Here are some smiley highlights...

1) My new blog header

Aint it beautiful? I bought it from a lovely designer on Etsy last week and I am totally obsessed with it. I reckon it makes my blog look loads slicker - what dya think?

2) Making toad in the hole

homemade toad in the hole comfort food

Not only was this the nicest, tastiest, most comforting meal EVER, but it also made me feel like a total domesticated goddess when I whipped it up. I can absolutely see this becoming a cold autumnal evening staple - sorry in advance hips.

3) My first post for The High Teacast went live

You can go and check it out here! I've been reading and admiring The High Tea Cast for bloody ages and so seeing my first post go live made me grin like an idiot. Starting this blog has given me some lovely opportunities and this one is my absolute fave.

4) Celebrating National Burger Day with my team

One of the things I love most about my little team are our monthly burger club outings. We go out to and eat different burgers in Leeds and score them on all sorts of boundaries and then track the results on an epic spreadsheet. Food + spreadsheets = Sophie's dream set up. Last week we had an extra special burger club to celebrate National Burger Day and it was all kinds of great.

5) Our new Nutribullet

I have wanted a Nutribullet for SO LONG but they're £100 and I just can't justify spending that much money to juice veggies at the moment. But last week my lovely auntie got us one as a belated housewarming gift and I am so exited to juice everything and be super healthy and have a perfect complexion...

6) A bank holiday

Long weekends are just the best aren't they?! Having Monday off just makes everyone so much more cheery. I can't believe this bank holiday was the last one until Christmas, crazy how time flies.

7) A scorching hot weekend in Paris

33 degrees heat + shopping + French food/wine + my Mum & sis = best weekend ever. We were so lucky that our weekend in Paris was full of super hot sunshine - it made it feel like a proper holiday! More coming on our trip, but it definitely made me very happy.

8) Reliving my childhood at Disneyland

disneyland parisBecause you're never too old for rollercoasters and Princess castles and Frozen singalong shows are you?! We donned Minnie ears and Ariel t-shirts and embraced our inner children and it was the most fun ever. Plus I think my sister and I have become even bigger kids, despite being 15 years older than the last time we visited together...

9) Watching the Eiffel tower sparkle

eiffel tower at night paris

I had only ever seen the Eiffel tower do it's sparkly little dance on films (and Sex and the City), but on Friday evening we watched it put on it's show from across the river Seine. It was totally magical and romantic and made me fall in love with Paris that little bit more!

10) One of my best friends got engaged!

My lovely friend Steph got engaged over the weekend and I AM SO EXCITED! Steph is one of my besties from uni and my first close friend to get engaged - I couldn't be happier for her and her new fiance and I can't wait to celebrate with the happy couple this week!