10 favourites this week (#38)

new york top of the rock sunset Happy Monday everyone! This week has gone by in a bit of a blur for me - I've been really poorly since last Tuesday and had to cancel quite a few of the lovely plans I had which got me down.

But the great thing about writing these posts is that they force me to concentrate on things that have been making me smile, rather thank thinking about how grim I've been feeling.

So without further ado, here are my ten favourites this week...

1) Celebrating our friends' engagment

I wrote last week about how excited I was that my friend Steph had got engaged and this week we had the pleasure of celebrating with the happy couple! We all piled in to Pintura on Tuesday evening and toasted the happy couple win gigantic gins and a hell of a lot of delicious tapas. All the girls got giddy at the prospect of wedding planning while the boys rolled their eyes...

celebrating with friends

2) Seeing people pull together for the refugees

There has been a lot of shameful and upsetting things relating to the refugee crisis this week, but my heart has been warmed by all of the wonderful people who are pulling together to help the people who really need it. Some of our friends have organised a collection for much needed items in Leeds and I know tonnes of people who have bought stuff via the Amazon Help Calais wishlist. Proof that kindness and humanity will always outwin greed and shame.

3) Star Wars Secret Cinema

I was lucky enough to get to attend the Star Wars Secret Cinema event with work this week and it was AMAZING. Despite feeling decidely ropey, I was completely in awe of the whole experience. I can't write too much about it here (because it's a secret, DUH!) but I will be jumping at the chance to go to another Secret Cinema event when I'm not feeling quite as crap.

4) An amazing man singing on the tube

It always surprises me how unpredictable the tube is - you can never be quite sure what you might see. This week I was treated to a performance by the most amazing blues-y singer on my journey from Hammersmith to Kings Cross - the hairs were literally standing up my neck. Even more amazing was the whole carriage clapping and whooping for him when he got off the train. One of those random things that just makes you very happy...

5) A holiday ASOS order

I took complete advantage of the 20% off ASOS voucher I got with last month's Elle magazine and treated myself to an epic holiday haul. Because what else is there to do when you're laid up on the sofa other than shop online?! (And blog of course!). I always love getting new outfits for holidays - it somehow makes it feel all the more exciting to go away when you have new clothes to wear, doesn't it?

6) Getting looked after by my Mum and Dad

Because no matter how old you are, when you're ill you need your Mum and Dad. They've cooked me healthy meals, tucked me in on the sofa and let me sleep for twelve hours straight. Im feeling tonnes better already, so THANK YOU for knowing just how to look after me.

7) A lovely new camera lens

This week my dad treated me to do an amazing new lens for my camera. It's got a super zoom and is way fancier than any I would have bought for myself. I just can't wait to get snapping away when we're in Iceland and New York - hopefully you'll all be able to see the difference in my travel photos!

8) Celebrating my Mum and Dad's 30th wedding anniversary

Today my Mum and Dad have been married for THIRTY WHOLE YEARS! How amazing is that?! They've been such great examples for my sister and I growing up and I'm so glad I was at home this weekend to celebrate with them.

9) Meeting the new baby in our family

Baby Freddie was born way back in July but I haven't had chance to meet him until this weekend. It was so lovely to finally have a cuddle - he is so tiny and perfect! I also got to see all the other little people in our family which always puts the biggest smile on my face - it was just what I needed this weekend.

10) It's finally holiday week!

HALLELUJAH!!! On Sunday afternoon we'll be off to Iceland for 3 nights before heading on to spend nearly a week in our fave place, New York. I couldnt be more ready for a proper break with Sam. 6 sleeps and counting...