10 favourites this week (#39)

jardin du tuileries paris I don't know if I've mentioned it recently, but I'M ON MY HOLIDAYS.

As you read this I'll be exploring Reykjavik and taking a dip in the Blue Lagoon and searching out the Northern Lights, before heading to New York for even more fun and games.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me tell you about my 10 favourites this week...

1) My new cosy scarf

I picked up this little beauty from H&M this week and GUYS - it's basically like wearing a blanket. I highly recommend that you all go and buy one for when deep winter sets in and you never feel like leaving your duvet...

2) Us by David Nicholls

I've been reading this week for a couple of weeks now and its one of those books that I never want to finish. The characters are brought to life so vividly and the author weaves their lives together perfectly. I feel so much empathy for the main protagonist and I can't wait to see how the story ends. A perfect one to devour during the cosy months.

3) Having a pamper afternoon

After I finished work on Friday I headed to Millies in Leeds for an afternoon of pre-holiday pampering. I had my nails done and also had some lash extensions applied which I would thoroughly recommend. I can't stop fluttering my eyelashes at every possible opportunity!

4) The return of Gogglebox

I know that watching other people watching TV shouldn't be entertaining BUT IT SO IS!!! Gogglebox is one of my favourite things on the telly so I was happy to be back laughing along with all the families on Friday, as sad as that is...

5) Friday night champagne


Because what else do you do when you've finished work for your holidays and your Mum offers to open a bottle? The best way to really relax into your time off in my opinion!

6) Aussie 3 Minute Miracle

I had totally forgotten about this little gem of a conditioner until I saw it in Superdrug this week. It was on offer (2 for £7) so I picked up a bottle and it has transformed my hair so quickly! Less frizz, more shine - what more could you want?

7) Listening to my Grandad's stories

We have a running joke in our family that my Grandad tells the same stories over and over again but this weekend he shared some with us that I'd never heard before. It was so lovely to hear stories about when he was growing up during the war and when him and my Nan met - it always makes me remember that our grandparents lived such interesting lives before we were even dreamed of.

8) Saturday afternoon shopping with my Mum

We headed to the Trafford Centre for last minute holiday bits and I got some absolute sale bargains! I bought these fab jewelled ballerina shoes and got an amazing sparkly jumper in the Primark section in Selfridges (which I still think is the best idea ever!)

9) A successful end of year appraisal

I had my end of year review this week (because our business does their end of year reviews in September just to confuse everyone) and it went really well! It's always nice to be recognised for the hard work that you put in and it was a lovely way to round off my work week before finishing for my holiday.


Obviously the absolute highlight of the week. I'll stop going on about it now... unless you follow me on Instagram or Twitter of course, where I will continue to brag about it for the next 10 days...