7 great crafts and DIYs for autumn

autumn crafts diys I always find that I have more time for crafting in the autumn - I'm not a big fan of the rain and wind so tend to hibernate as soon as September rolls around! In the spirit of embracing the new season I have pulled together a list of 7 great crafts and DIYs for autumn... enjoy!

1) Pick sloe berries and make your own sloe gin (recipe here!).

2) Knit yourself a cosy snood - Amy has the perfect post to show you how.

3) Make your own teacup candles - they're perfect for making your house look kitsch and cosy!

4) Get started on your Christmas crafts.

5) Make a pretty fall wreath for your front door.

6) Keep dry skin at bay with this vanilla pumpkin spice sugar scrub.

7) Bake these gingerbread men - extra marks for fancy decoration!

Let me know if you decide to try any of these! Do you have any other recommendations to add to my crafting list?