50 things that make me happy

50 things that make me happy I got the inspiration for this post from Sarah at Daydreams of Summertime - I thought it was such a lovely upbeat idea, and had got started on writing my own list almost immediately after reading hers.

After pulling this together, I can definitely advise that writing a list of all the things that make you happy is a wonderful thing to do to put you in a good mood - take this as a firm recommendation to get writing your own list ASAP.

1) The first cup of tea of the day.

2) Reading the lovely comments that people leave on this blog.

3) Spending time at home and feeling thoroughly relaxed.

4) Planning holidays.

5) Dinner dates with friends.

6) Bagging a bargain.

7) A Christmas movie marathon.

8) Finally cracking things that are difficult at work.

9) Receiving post that isn't a bill.

10) Getting hooked on a new box set.

11) Being by the sea.

12) Laughing with my family.

13) Getting engrossed in a really good book.

14) Cuddles with Ted, our family puppy.

15) Going for one of those runs that make you feel invincible.

16) Cosy nights in with candles.

17) New PJs.

18) Burgers.

19) That fresh bedding feeling.

20) Cold, crisp, sunny winter days.

21) Long walks on the canal.

22) Having fresh flowers in my house.

23) My Mum's roast dinners.

24) Feeling inspired.

25) Discovering new blogs that I love.

26) Spending time with the little people in my family.

27) Exploring new places.

28) Meeting new people.

29) The months when its warm enough not to need a jacket.

30) Watching fireworks.

31) Wearing an outfit that I love.

32) Being reunited with my two oldest gal pals, Emily and Fiona.

33) Long evenings that stay warm until midnight.

34) Girls holidays (and all of the fun that goes with them).

35) Everything to do with Christmas.

36) Bank holiday weekends.

37) Getting my nails done.

38) Taking photographs that I'm really proud of.

39) Watching the sun set.

40) A bloody good Chinese takeaway.

41) Wine.

42) Inspirational quotes.

43) Lazy Sundays with Sam.

44) City breaks.

45) Watching anything with Will Ferrell in it.

46) A curly blow dry.

47) Finding new places that I love in Leeds.

48) My job.

49) Doing nice things for other people.

50) Being in New York.

What makes you happy?