Some quite exciting news, all the way from Brooklyn...

We're finally home from our holidays. We had the most exciting adventure. We ticked a biggie off the bucket list and watched the Northen Lights dance around in front of us.

northern lights iceland

We watched a rainbow appear over Europe's biggest waterfall, Gulfoss.

gulfoss rainbow iceland golden circle

We took a dip in the infamously beautiful Blue Lagoon.

blue lagoon iceland

We ate Shack Shack burgers by the Brooklyn Bridge.

shake shack brooklyn bridge

We marvelled at the view from the One World Observatory - the highest structure in the Western Hemisphere.

one world observatory view

Oh, and we got engaged...

engagement brooklyn

Sam proposed to me at sunset in Brooklyn last week, a place where we have shared so many happy memories together. And of course, I said YES! To say that we are very happy would be the biggest understatement in the world - my cheeks have been aching ever since from smiling so much.

I promise to share more with you about the proposal and my beautiful ring once it has settled in a little bit more, but for now I just wanted to tell you our good news, and thank you all for all of the comments and messages you have left for us on Instagram and Twitter. YOU DA BEST.

Our holidays might be over,  but we still have so so much to look forward to and I can't contain my excitement!

brooklyn sunset hotel wythe