9 blogs I read every day

9 blogs i read every day I read a lot of blogs. My Bloglovin' feed is always jampacked, and while I wish I could read every single post, realistically I just don't have the time. But there are some that I check religiously - here are the 9 blogs that I read every day...

1) Hannah Gale

I bloody love Hannah's blog. I love how she manages to write in a way that sounds just like how us girls actually think, I love that she tackles difficult and taboo subjects and most of all I love her ball-busting attitude to life. Also, her fashion and beauty recommendations are always affordable and things you would *actually* use, unlike some big bloggers...

2) Write Like No One's Watching

I think it's the fact that Charlotte's writing is so honest and candid that makes her blog so addictive. She brings her readers along on some of the most personal journeys in her life and writes about them in such a relatable way. Plus her son, Bill, is one of the most gorgeous little boys you'll ever see.

3) Queen Beady

Bee is one of my fave Yorkshire bloggers (and one of the friendliest to boot!). Her fashion posts are SO great - there aren't that many fashion bloggers whose outfits I feel like I could copy completely, but I'm always lusting after everything that she puts together!

4) Little Miss Katy

Katy is one of those enthusiastic, bubbly, smiley people that I know I would totally hit it off with if I met her IRL. Her restaurant reviews have me drooling, and just like Bee, her fashion posts are always both inspiring and accessable at the same time. Plus, everything she does, she does with a huge injection of personality.

5) Lauren Rellis

I bloody love Lauren's blog. I don't think she's ever written a post that hasn't made me go "YES. THIS. ALL OF THE THIS." when I finished reading it. She basically writes about anything that might be relevant to a 20-something female - funny lists, high street beauty recs and lots of thought pieces about how bizarre and confusing growing up is.

6) Life Outside London

Michelle writes about the life she shares with her family and very adorable doggies down in Devon, and I am perpetually envious of her proximity to the sea. Her writing always manages to be both eloquent and hilarious at the same time, and she handles big topics like body confidence and sexism with an ease that most writers could only hope for.

7) Girl Lost In The City

The thing I love most about Emma's blog is that her content is always so fresh. Her posts never feel samey and I think that's why I always look forward to reading them. I get 90% of my book recommendations from her, and more often than not her writing inspires me to have good ol' think - whether its about my career or the current state of play of the Internet.

8) Scarphelia

I love reading Katie's blog because I feel like it gives me an insight into how her mind works. She writes in a way that manages to make you really *feel* whatever it is she is going through, and I love keeping up with her journey of personal discovery. She's one of those writers who you just KNOW has something big up her sleeve.

9) A Rosie Outlook

Rosie is one of my favourite lifestyle bloggers - I love reading about her travels (her honeymoon in Bali looked SO beautiful), her book recommendations are always right up my street and her photography is great. Plus I'm always jealous of her beach walks with her gorgeous dog, Bodhi!

What blogs do you read everyday? I'd love to know what else I should be adding to my list!