10 favourites this week (#41)

autumn fall nikes Happy Monday everyone! I'm down in London today for a day of meetings and am catching up with an old friend this evening while I'm here, so I'm feeling much more chipper than I usually am on a Monday!

I've had another really lovely week. After all of the excitement of the holiday and our engagement it's been so nice to ease back in to normal life - it definitely helps that autumn is in full swing now, it's definitely my favourite season! And we have so much great stuff to look forward to - I'm definitely feeling like a very lucky lady at the mo.

1) Getting flowers delivered at work

I won't lie, I've always secretly wished that someone would send me flowers to work - I don't know why but it just always seems quite glamorous and grown up! So I was very very smiley when I answered the door to our office last Monday and there was a delivery guy stood there with the most beautiful bunch of blooms with my name on it - thank you so much to my lovely team for getting my first full week back at work off to a good start!

interflora flowers

2) Embracing autumnal cooking

We have really got into the swing of autumnal cooking this week with homemade soups, slow cooker stews and a pork belly roast all making their way onto our menu this week. There is just something so comforting about food at this time of year - I'm looking forward to getting round to all my old faves like bangers and mash, pumpkin soup and loads of chili con carne!

3) Celebrations at Gusto

On Monday evening I headed over to Gusto in Leeds (which is fast becoming one of my new fave city centre restaurants!) with some of the girls I used to work with for a triple celebration - we had a birthday, a new job and an engagement to toast! It was so lovely to catch up with them properly and you can't beat a bit of Prosecco and birthday cake, can you?

4) My lovely friend asking me to be her bridesmaid

This week was a bit of a bittersweet one - my lovely friend Steph left Leeds for Australia on Friday and saying goodbye to her was so hard, we all literally sobbed in the train station as we waved her off! But before she left she aksed us to be her bridesmaid which is so exciting!!! We have all been friends since we started uni 7 years ago and it is so nice that we will have the wedding to look forward to and plan when we are really missing Steph and Seb.

best friends bridesmaid

5) A great week of blogging

This week I have better blog stats and more comments and engagement than I have had since starting this blog back in December last year. I know that followers and page views aren't the be all and end all of blogging, but it's so nice to see that people are enjoying my posts and relating to them. And once again I must say that the blogging community is the nicest in the world!

6) The opening of Headrow House

I feel like I'm always writing here about a new bar or restaurant that has opened in Leeds - we are so spoilt for choice with amazing venues these days! Friday saw another fab venue opening - Headrow House is a great new space complete with a beer tap room, rooftop terrace and a gig venue, with a restaurant and cocktail bar still to come! The whole place was looking amazing and we had such a fun night catching up with lots of friends and drinking great beer.

7) My beautiful new boots

I saw these in River Island on Saturday and I knew it was love at first sight. I've been after a pair of boots with a heel low enough to wear every day, and as soon as I laid eyes on these beauties I knew they had to be mine. I've spent the rest of the weekend dreaming up outfits to go with them!

river island leopard print boots

8) A lovely day at the Trafford Centre with my Mum

The Trafford Centre is pretty much the halfway point between Leeds and home, so on Saturday my wonderful Mum and I decided to meet there for an afternoon of shopping and catching up. She treated me to an amazing lunch and cocktail at Las Iguanas and we spent a little bit more than anticipared in the shops - it was the perfect girly day out and put me in a fab mood.

9) Celebrating our 5 year anniversary

Saturday also marked 5 years to the day since Sam and I officially started going out. The time has literally flown and I can't believe we're now engaged and looking for a house to buy together! We celebrated with a lovely quiet weekend at home, complete with M&S goodies, champagne and lots of sofa time. It was just what we needed after a busy couple of weeks!

10) An epic house clearout

I've been meaning to do this for so long but we just literally haven't had any time. Our house has been a chaotic mess ever since we moved in back in July, but this weekend I spent time sorting and organising and throwing stuff out and it feels SO good to have everything clean and tidy. Everywhere is so cosy and ready for autumn now!