21 things all bloggers know to be true

things all bloggers know to be true 1) It is imperative to take the perfect flat lay photo before tucking into your meal. Even if that means it's cold by the time you eventually get round to eating it.

2) When people leave comments on your blog you'll feel all warm and glowy inside.

3) Trying to take product photos in the winter is soul destroying. WHERE IS THE NATURAL LIGHT, DAMMIT?!

4) Fresh flowers will always make a great Instagram feed filler when the social life is a tad on the dry side.

5) There's no such thing as a "freebie", despite what your friends and family might think - those posts don't write and promote themselves!

6)  You will always get envy when you see another bloggers swish new layout or fancy camera (I'm looking at all of you with an Olympus PEN).

7) Inspiration for blog posts will hit you at the strangest times. Thank god for iPhone notes, eh?!

8) Hours will be lost trying to figure out how to improve your SEO and decode HTML.

9) You will spend every lunch hour trawling through Bloglovin' trying to find new fave blogs to follow.

10) Going to blogging events will make you feel 400% more important than you actually are.

11) Only 1 in every 100 outift photos will actually ever make it to the blog. The rest will be filled with awkward faces and muffin tops and unflattering poses.

12) Your Twitter feed will become a lifeline - nobody embraces cat gifs and Harry Potter quotes like bloggers.

13) You know that marble and copper homeware will make your home look slightly more Pinterest (even if you're still living in a student dive flat).

14) Bloggers block is a legit thing. Like how did you have ALL of the ideas last week and now you can't think of one remotely interesting thing to say?!

15) Google analytics will forever make your brain hurt.

16) You will automatically think "can I blog about this?!" everytime you do something remotely interesting.

17) Trying to write your about me page is quite possibly the hardest thing ever.

18) No matter how many readers and page views you have, you will always doubt that anybody would want to read anything you've written.

19) You will take your camera with you everywhere. You never know when the perfect photo opportunity is going to arise!

20) Hashtags will take on a whole new level of importance. Anything to boost those Instagram followers.

21) Meeting other bloggers in real life will give you all the feels - yay Internet friends who aren't creepy or weird!