Goals for November

new york sunset I haven't written one of these posts since June, whoopsie! But I'm determined to try and make this a monthly series, because it's nice to have a little bit of time to focus on what you want to get from the month ahead, isn't it?

I've got a lot on in November and so much stuff to look forward to, so I'm hoping by writing these goals down here it will help me put a bit more focus on them when times get busy. So let's get on with them, shall we? Here are my goals for November...

1) Run a 10k race

I've got this one booked in already and have been training for it over the past couple of weeks. My sister and I will be doing the Mo'Run in Liverpool on the 21st and it'll be the first organised race I've done since we ran the Liverpool marathon last May. I'm hoping that the traing for this 10k will help me get back in the routine of running again and the exercise should help me clear my head during this busy month.

2) Complete NaNoWriMo

This is the biggy for this month, the one that will zap the most time I imagine, but I know that the feeling of pride if I hit the 50,000 word target will make it all worth it. Again, I'm hoping the practice of completing NaNoWriMo will prove to me that I have more than enough time in my days to get more writing done.

3) Be present

I've got so many fun social occasions this month and also a lot of travel and big meetings for work - when my schedule is busy like this I can have a tendency to be a bit distracted and stressed, so I'm going to put a real effort into bein present this month and enjoying all of the lovely stuff that I've got in the diary. I don't want my favourite month to zip by in a flash!

4) Keep on blogging

October saw the best stats I've ever had on this ol' blog (by far!) and plenty of exciting opportunities have also been coming my way. I'm feeling so motivated to keep creating content and improving my own little slice of internet and am excited to see the effort I put in starting to pay off. I really want to increase my page views and users versus October, so that will be a big focus for me.

5) Get my 5 a day

I have lots of foodie occasions planned and a big chunk of this month will be spent in hotel rooms, which is never ideal for maintaining a healthy diet. Plus I'm hoping there will be lots of birthday cake to be eaten! Rather than trying to abstain from all the goodies, I'm going to put the effort in to eat my 5 a day and hope that between than and the running I will be able to keep myself fit and healthy.

Do you have any goals for this month? Any big resolutions you want to tick off before 2016 rolls around?