26 things all 20 something girls are obsessed with

new york city break Because even though we all think we're totally unique, we really, really aren't...

1) City breaks. Especially ones to New York.

2) Instagram - it's a very real addiction.

3) Starbucks: lattes, cappucinos, espressos, THE LOT.

4) Fresh flowers in pretty vases.

5) Essie nail varnishes. Gotta get ALL the colours.

6) Getting overly excited about seasons (especially Christmas).

7) Fresh notebooks that you'll never actually use because they're too pretty.

8) Copper and marble homewares. And H&M home for making all of our copper and marble homeware dreams come true.

9) Going spinning and living on a plant based diet all week and then drinking all the gin and eating MacDonalds at the weekend.

11) New Primark PJs - especially ones with cats or Disney quotes on them.

12) Reminiscing about uni. Ahhhhh, the good old days of naps and £1 pints and homemade fancy dress...

13) Sunsets - so cliche, but OH SO PRETTY.


14) Statement lipsticks. (Especially if they're from Mac).

15) Talking about how the youth of today had it totally easy - your Nokia 3210 only had 10 free text messages a month, don't y'know.

16) Pretty Little Liars - even if it does make us feel REALLY old.

17) Avocadoes - on toast, with eggs, as part of a salad. We just love avocadoes.

18) Getting the perfect bronde/balyage mermaid hair.

19) Inspirational quotes. Especially if they're on a picture perfect Paperchase postcard.

20) Getting promotions and proving we are ACES at the career game.

21) Pretending you're really old and running out of time to get married/buy a house/have babies, even though you're only 25.

22) Comparing yourself to literally every other 20 something. Such a fun hobby, no?!

23) Nature. Why did you never notice the pretty blossom when you were 18?

24) Holidays with the girls. Nothing compares.


25) Prosecco - because we all know no other drink is acceptable these days.

26) ASOS Premier, because ordering clothes, trying them on and sendin them back is basically your favourite hobby.