10 favourites this week (#46)

rainbow over rodley Morning campers! As you read this I'll be on the train down to London ready for a full week of working in the capital. I'm looking forward to a change of scenery and I've got some great meetings planned, but I know it'll be pretty tiring too. I'm hoping to squeeze in some Christmas shopping and catch up with some friends in the evening, so it won't all be work work work.

This past week was a bloody lovely one and has left me feeling like such a lucky lady to have such great friends and family and a pretty awesome boyfriend (I can't get used to saying fiance!). Here are my 10 favourites this week...

1) Starbucks red cups

starbucks red cups christmas

They're back!!! Which means I can officially start chirping on about Christmas at every opportunity and noone can say I'm being too keen! Hooray. Plus, ain't nothing as delicious for breakfast as a toffee nut latte (I'll definitely be rolling in to 2016 a good half a stone heavier!)

2) Getting into a gym routine

It's been a long long time since I have been in a proper exercise routine, but I feel like I'm really cracking it this month. I had forgotten how much exercise helps me mentally as well as physically - it helps me cope with lifes stresses a lot better and nothing does compare to those happy endorphins. Starting my day off with a run a couple of times a week is a habit I definitely want to keep up!

3) Listening to Sam's new music

Sam has been in the studio a lot recently finishing off the mixing of his album and this week he gave me a little sneak peek of some of the new tracks. They were ace of course (and that's not just me being biased!) and it was so nice to hear all of his hardwork coming together.

4) New Christmas bedding

christmas bedding george at asda

I saw this in ASDA on Friday and I just couldn't resist putting it in my trolley. I probably should have waited a few more weeks to put it on the bed, but gotta get my money's worth, right?! Here's hoping it'll be cosy, Christmassy dreams for me every night from now until December 25th...

5) Getting stuck into NaNoWriMo

I have to admit that I haven't written every single day, and I am behind the target word count, but I have written so much more this week than I think I ever have, which was the whole point of starting this thing in the first place! I'm hoping that all of my train journeys this week will give me lots of time to play catch up.

6) How to Get Away with Murder

Oh my word, I am so addicted to this show - I have nearly finished the whole series in just under a week! It's such a great series - every episode ends on a real cliffhanger, which is just what you want from a Netflix boxset, right?!

7) Dogsitting Radabe

miniature schnauzer

On Friday night we dogsat our friend's Miniature Schnauzer, Radabe. He has just turned one so is still very much a playful puppy, which meant we had tonnes of fun playing fetch and tug of war! The best part though was definitely getting lots of cuddles while watching Gogglebox - there is no better way to destress after a long week at work.

8) Celebrating with our lovely friends

This weekend we finally got round to toasting our engagement with our friends and having an early birthday celebration and it was bloody lovely. It made me so happy to have so many of my favourite people in the same room together, especially knowing how much of an effort some of our friends had made to be there. Drinking Prosecco and dancing and chatting with people I love made me feel like the luckiest girl alive.

9) Lovely pressies from my girls

I'll be at home on my actual birthday next weekend, so the girls gave me my pressies this weekend and BOY did they do well. The sneaky little monkeys had spied this post I did a few weeks ago and got me a couple of pieces of the list, along with a beautiful Kate Spade necklace and a wedding magazine subscription. How lucky am I?! Those gals know me so bloody well.

10) A really lazy Sunday

As is one of those Sundays were you get changed from one pair of PJs into another and average about 5.5 hours of Netflix viewing. Add in some slow roast belly pork and a lot of laying on the sofa and you have a pretty good picture of how heavenly it was! It was very much needed and the perfect way to get set up for a busy week ahead.