10 favourites this week (#47)

hammersmith morning golden hour It's been a weird old weekend. Despite having a bloody lovely time celebrating my birthday, I've also not been able to stop thinking about the horrific events that unfolded in Paris on Friday night. To think that so many people were killed while they were out having fun on a Friday night, watching their favourite band or having dinner with friends, is so unfathomably awful.

Events like this give such an instant lens of perspective. It got me thinking about these lists that I write every week, and how important it is to acknowledge and be grateful for all of the great things that happen in our lives. We all know that life is short, but events like this make it seem increasingly so.

And so I will continue to write these lists every week. I will contine to squeeze every single drop of enjoyment out of life, because it is an absolute luxury to be able to do that. And on that note, here are my 10 favourites this week...

1) Booking flights for our family holiday

It's ages away yet but next August there will be 17 adults, 5 kids and 2 babies boarding a plane to Spain for a week! We're having a big family holiday to celebrate my uncle's 60th birthday and I can't wait to hang out with my family in the sun for a whole seven days - especially as the little ones seem to grow up so quickly at the moment.

2) Enjoying dinner out with my team

On Monday night our whole team were staying over in London ready for our conference on Tuesday, so we took advantage and went out for a big meal together. We ate ribs and wings and nachos and pigs in blankets and caught up on our lives outside of the office. I always think its so lovely to spend time with the people you work with everyday talking about things other than work!

3) The modern day version of Ironic

If you haven't done already, you NEED to watch this video - it's Alanis Morissette and James Corden singing Ironic, but with new lyrics that have been adapted for the modern day. I must have watched it at least 15 times since Thursday and laughed my head off everytime.

4) Pizza Pilgrims and a wander round Carnaby Street

carnaby street christmas lights

On Wednesday evening, I met one of my best friends for dinner and a wander round Carnaby Street. We ate DELICIOUS pizza at Pizza Pilgrims (seriously, you need to go here if you haven't already!) and drank beer and caught up. The area was all lit up with beautiful Christmas lights and I got a proper little festive feeling in my tummy!

5) Winning a bottle of champers at work

They did a little awards ceremony at the end of our team conference on Tuesday and I was super happy to win one of them! Whilst it was rather embarrassing to have to stand up in front of a giant room full of people, it's always nice to hear you're doing a good job. Plus I won a lovely bottle of champers, which is always great, right?!

6) Starting my Christmas shopping

I picked up my first few Christmas pressies this week which definitely helped make me feel more festive! Buying presents for people is one of my favourite things ever, and I can't wait to get some more when I get paid at the weekend. I feel like the Christmas season has really snuck up on me this year so I need to get sorted!

7) Turning 26 and celebrating with my family

birthday presents

Saturday was my birthday and I was totally spoilt by Sam and my lovely family. I had lots of fab pressies to open, tonnes of cards to read and a full day of enjoying my two favourite hobbies - eating and drinking! It made me feel so lucky to have such great family and friends, who had gone to so much effort to buy me lovely things and spend time celebrating with me.

8) Enjoying the Christmas markets in Manchester

manchester christmas market

The Christmas markets opened in Manchester on Saturday, so we decided to head there for a birthday drink or 6. The rain was relentless so we didn't get to properly look round all the stalls, but we drank mulled wine and ate sausages and everywhere looked so pretty lit up with tonnes of fairy lights. I definitely want to head back before Christmas to properly check out all the stalls!

9) Ordering an Oympus PEN E-PL7

I was super lucky to get some money from Sam and my parents for my birthday, and with a little bit extra added in I had enough to order an Olympus PEN-EPL7 camera. I have been lusting after this camera for SO LONG and I can't wait for it to arrive and to play with it this week. My blog photos are about to get a LOT better.

10) Looking through old family photos

Last night we got all of the boxes of old photos down from my Mum's cupboard and sat for a few hours, looking through them and laughing. We chuckled at old photos (and very bad hair dos!) and reminisced on childhood memories. It was so lovely to look back at all the lovely times we have had together as a family.