Spreading Kindness with #CTWorldKindnessDay

Last Friday marked World Kindness Day - a day first introduced in 1998 to highlight good deeds and encourage the power of kindness. I like to think there is some real magic where acts of kindness are concerned as the feel good factor is two fold. When you do something nice for someone else you can make them feel happier, but you also end up feeling good too. And couldn't we all do with a little bit more happiness in our day to day lives?

That's why when Cotton Traders asked me to get involved with their #CTWorldKindnessDay campaign I jumped at the chance. They sent me an amazing box stuffed full of cosy goodies (the knitted socks are like heaven for your feet!) and in return asked me to spread the love and pass some kindness on.


It definitely got me thinking about how we can all incorporate a few more random gestures of good will into our day to day lives. Nothing big or showy, just some small things that can help put a smile on other people's faces. I decided to compile a bit of a list in the hope that it might inspire a little bit more kindness...

1) Buy a sandwich or a coffee for a homeless person on your way to work - it'll only cost you a couple of quid but could make a huge difference to their day.

2) Tell a colleague that they're doing a great job and that you appreciate their support.

3) Let someone out at a junction - I'm terrible for this one, but it always makes me super happy when people let me out!

4) Bake some goodies for your work colleagues of friends.

5) Call your grandparents and tell them what you've been up to recently.

6) Make an appointment to go and give blood

7) Compliment someone - it's also nice to hear that someone likes your dress or hair do.

8) Send a handwritten letter to a friend. It's rare that people get post that isn't a bill these days!

9) Smile. At the bus driver, at the barista, at the people you pass on the street. A good smile is infectious and hopefully you will pass it on!

So there you go - lots of super easy ways to spread some kindness and make someone elses day. Receiving this lovely box of goodies from Cotton Traders also inspired me to put a box together of my own - I'll be partaking in Operation Christmas Child and packing a shoe box full of gifts so that a less fortunate child can experience a little bit of joy and excitement at Christmas this year.

What are your thoughts on random acts of kindness? I'd love to hear your thoughts on what else we can do to try and spread a bit of cheer...