21 things you’ll only know if you work in an office


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1) You can’t brew up without offering to make the whole team one. It’s just plain rude.

2) You will spend around 68% of your time at work eavesdropping on your desk neighbours phone conversations.

3) Your popularity will instantly triple if you bring baked goods. Especially if you make them yourself.

4) There will always be a queue for the printer when you urgently need it.

5) Your colleagues will judge you and your spending habits if you have ASOS parcels delivered on consecutive days.

6) There will always be that one person who takes it way too far at the office Christmas party. Try not to be that person.

7) There is no greater pain than realising someone else has used your favourite mug.

8) It is absolutely against the rules to eat anything with a strong odour in the office. I’m looking at you, little miss egg mayonnaise.

9) The first hour of every Monday morning will be spent listening to what everyone got up to at the weekend. There is no work done before 10am on a Monday.

10) Same goes from 3pm on a Friday, when everyone is far too hyped about the weekend to crack on with anything.

11) Every couple of months your desk will become so overrun with paper that you will have to spend an entire day sorting and shredding.

12) It is imperative to always have at least 3 emergency snacks in your desk drawer.

13) There will be a battle every year over the Christmas holiday schedule. Get in there early to avoid disappointment.

14) You will get into the habit of emailing your colleagues, rather than rolling your chair 2 metres to the left to actually talk to them.

15) There will always be someone in the office who has worked there for years and likes to reminisce on “the good old days”.

16) Trying to find a meeting room at the last minute is akin to trying to buy the world’s hottest toy on December 24th. Utterly impossible.

17) Your IT department will definitely advise you to “just try turning it off and on again” at least once a month.

18) People will judge you if you go on holiday and don’t bring sweets back. Even if nobody likes Turkish delight anyway.

19) Running out of milk is basically the worst thing that could happen. Especially if it was your turn to buy the milk.

20) Casual Fridays will confuse you. Like how casual are we talking here? Are trainers acceptable? What about PJs?

21) You will definitely take advantage of the stationery cupboard. New pens and blank notebooks and different coloured varieties of Post-It notes?! Ahhhhhh.