Weekly Reads Round Up (#27)

weekly reads round up I haven't done one of these round ups for absolutely AGES. I've still been saving tonnes of posts, but my weekends have been so busy that I haven't had chance to share them with you, so consider this a bumper months worth of brilliant links.

Perfect as a bit of afternoon reading if you're hibernating at home today and avoiding the freeeeeeeeezing temperatures!

  • Amy's post has got me pining for a trip to Haworth - old fashioned sweet shops and literary puns for the win.
  • Stuck for what to buy the males in your life for Christmas? I found Hannah's gift guide super helpful.
  • Emma's post got me thinking about selfies and why we should stop shaming people for taking them.
  • As if I wasn't missing Brooklyn enough, this post from A Beautiful Mess made me pine for it even more.
  • I've made these sweet potato chips a couple of times now and they are just HEAVEN.
  • Struggling for things to do today? Check out Hazel Jane's list of 50 things to do this weekend.
  • I agreed with pretty much everything Bee had to say about the blogging community.
  • This post from Michelle about why you can't do everything will have you laughing along in agreement.
  • I'm dying to give Rhianna's recipe for marbled chocolate brownies a go.
  • I've been blogging for a similar amount of time to Sophie, so I really enjoyed reading this post.