10 favourites this week (#48)

lierpool one christmas tree I can't believe this is my 48th one of these posts - almost an entire year of reflecting on all the lovely things in my life. It makes me so happy to write these posts, and I think I've only ever missed 1 or 2 since I started my blog last December! It's become my Sunday ritual.

This week has gone by so so quickly - I feel like before we know it, it'll be time to break up for Christmas. This is terrifying as I definitely haven't made a big enough dent in my Christmas shopping yet! Although I am so excited for a couple of weeks off work - I'm hoping to squeeze in some much needed down time over the break.

Anyway, onto my 10 favourites this week. It's been a good'un...

1) Knitting

I may only be 26, but knitting has become my new favourite thing. It's usually a hobby reserved for the older generations but I find it SO relaxing. I've been knitting scarves in the evenings as I watch TV and it is such a great way to switch off from the days stresses.

2) My new camera arrived

olympus pen e-pl7 blog review

And I am already SO in love with it. If you missed last weeks post, I was lucky enough to order an Olympus PEN E-PL7 with my birthday money and I have been giddily awaiting it's arrival. It has more than lived up to my expectations so far and I can't WAIT to play around with it even more. Let me know if you'd like a review once I've got to grips with it.

3) Simply Nigella

I missed the first few episodes of Nigella's new series as I've been out and about so much recently, so this week I caught up on them and I am obsessed. There isn't a single thing Nigella has cooked that I haven't loved the look of and I just find her voice so soothing! I'm definitely going to invest in her the cookbook.

4) Epic sausage and mash

sausage and mash

After a few weeks of working away and eating out FAR too much, I was really craving some comfort food when I got home on Tuesday. Sam whipped up sausage, mash and veg with the most AMAZING onion gravy and it was the nicest thing I've tasted in ages. He is such a great cook - just one of the many reasons I'm marrying him!

5) Lunch with Jen and Rosie

lunch with baby

My lovely friend, Jen, and her gorgeous baby, Rosie, came to meet me in town for lunch this week and it was so great to catch up with them and have cuddles with one of my favourite babies. Jen is the first of my close friends to become a Mum and I love seeing her little girl grow up (far too quickly for my liking!)

6) Benefit advent calendar

I've wanted a Benefit advent calendar for years but have never been able to justify buying one, so I was super chuffed when my Mum presented my sister and I with one this week. She got us this one and it is making me soooooo excited for December 12th to roll around. Shoutout to my Mum for always being so thoughtful and for being the best pressie buyer EVER.

7) Dinner with the girls

In my humble opinion, you can't beat a midweek evening in with the girls, eating delicious food and putting the world to rights. This week my friends and I did just that - we headed over to Teddy's house, ate carbs and caught up on everything going on in our lives. It's always nice to slow down a little bit and I'm looking forward to having a bit more time in my diary to do more of it!

8) Tickled Pink Ball


I was lucky enough to attend the Tickled Pink Ball with my lovely team this week. The Tickled Pink Ball is organised by ASDA every year as a way of raising money for Breast Cancer Care, and we had a brilliant night raising money for such a good cause. We ate a delicious meal, watched Alesha Dixon absolutely KILL it and danced until my feet could take no more. I also got to see the lovely Bee, which is always a highlight!

9) Shopping in Liverpool with my Mum

What was supposed to be a day of Christmas shopping for other people actually turned into me buying lots of lovely things for myself, whoops! I had such a nice day haning out with my Mum, trying on pretty dresses and enjoying a festive Starbucks - even though I have still got LOTS of presents to buy...

10) A super lazy Sunday

Yesterday was the first day in two weeks that I've been able to spend more than an hour in our house, and we truly made the most of a lazy day off together. We watched the Batman trilogy, ate lasagne and laid on the sofa with tonnes of blankets and cushions. It was much needed and has set me up perfectly for another busy week!