61 reasons to love New York

It won't come as a surprise to anyone that I bloody love New York. I've visited 4 times now, and I don't doubt that I'll be back countless more times in the coming years. I love it so much, and I think that everybody should visit and enjoy my favourite place in the world. Here are 61 reasons to love New York...

1) Because you're never too far from a Shake Shack burger with a delicious side of cheese fries.

shake shack broadway yellow taxi

2) Because you can ride vintage rollercoasters at Coney Island.

3) Because the Christmas decorations are the best in the world.

christmas decorations new york macys believe

4) Because walking across Brooklyn Bridge will make you feel like you're on a movie set.

brooklyn bridge view

5) Because you can eat the most delicious shoestring fries at The Spotted Pig in the West Village.

shoestring fries blue cheese burger the spotted pig

6) Because even though Times Square is stressfully busy, the lights will make you feel super sparkly.

7) Because lying in Central Park in the sunshine is like a little slice of heaven.

8) Because you can ride the Staten Island ferry for free and marvel at the Statue of Liberty.

staten island ferry statue of liberty

9) Because the shopping is 100000000% better than anywhere in the UK.

10) Because you can order uh-mazing Mexican takeout at midnight for less than you'd spend on a Pizza Hut.

mexican takeaway new york

11) Because of this view.

view manhattan at sunset

12) Because bottomless brunches are a widely accepted weekend ritual.

13) Because New Yorkers are ten times more friendly than Londoners.

14) Because walking the High Line on a clear day is such a beautiful way to spend a morning.

the high line chelsea new york

15) Because hanging out in Brooklyn Bridge Park will make you feel super cool.

16) Because you're bound to find a bargain at the Brooklyn Flea.

17) Because you can relive the movie BIG in FAO Schwartz.

zoltar big fao schwartz

18) Because the bagels are better than any you've ever tasted before.

19) Because you're highly likely to spot some celebs on the go.

20) Because you can see every recognisable piece of modern art ever at MOMA.

moma soup cans campbells andy warhol

21) Because Grand Central Station will take your breath away. (And have you looking for Serena!)

22) Because you can have an actual piss up in the Brooklyn Brewery.

brooklyn brewery new york

23) Because the grid system makes it totally easy to find your way around.

24) Because there's nothing as romantic as taking a boat out on the lake in Central Park.

25) Because legitimately delicious slices of pizza cost 99 cents.

26) Because watching basketball at Madison Square Garden will make you feel totes American.

knicks ny basketball madison square garden

27) Because you can see some of the best shows in the world on Broadway.

28) Because the street art is amazing.

street art high line new york city

29) Because there are amazing food trucks all over the city.

30) Because they have secret bars in hot dog joints.

31) Because fall in the city is an explosion of colour.

fall in new york city

32) Because there are tonnes of gigs to choose from every evening.

33) Because NYC street style is like watching a catwalk show.

34) Because you can walk everywhere if you want to.

35) Because you can have the best meal of your life, whether you want to spend $5 or $5000.

dinner diner williamsburg brooklyn

36) Because there are thousands of songs written about this amazing city.

37) Because you can stroll around the West Village and feel like Carrie Bradshaw.

soho bleecker street new york

38) Because the New York Public Library will make your local library seem SO average.

39) Because the Christmas tree at the Rockerfeller Centre is the most magical thing ever.

rockerfeller christmas tree ice skating

40) Because every landmark in the city will remind you of a different episode of Gossip Girl.

41) Because the cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery are like no other.

magnolia bakery cupcakes

42) Because all the drugstores sell every single shade of Essie nail varnish ever.

43) Because you can indulge in the biggest sandwich you'll ever eat at Katz's Deli.

katz deli sandwich new york

44) Because designer handbags are cheaper than they are in the UK.

45) Because you can get a super cheap mani on every corner.

46) Because you are bound to find a designer bargain in Century 21.

47) Because you can relive your childhood in the giant Toys 'R' Us in Times Square.

toys r us new york times square

48) Because you can get super delicious dumplings for $1 each in Chinatown.

49) Because public transport runs 24/7.

50) Because it's super cheap and convenient to ride the subway.

51) Because the rooftop bars have views like this.

sunset the ides hotel wythe rooftop bar

52) Because the seasons are proper seasons, complete with sticky summers and snowy winters.

53) Because you will almost certainly find a new favourite food at Smorgasburg.

williamsburg smorgasburg food new york

54) Because you're never far away from a really great coffee.

55) Because the Chrysler building is the most beautiful building you'll ever see.

56) Because countless new bars and restaurants and shops pop up every week.

57) Because you'll never tire of catching sight of the Empire State Building.

empire state building new york

58) Because you can relive Night at the Museum in the Natural History Museum.

59) Because taking in the view at the Top of the Rock will make you feel on top of the world.

top of the rock new york suset

60) Because it will make you feel like the happiest, shiniest, bestest version of yourself.

61) Because no matter how many times you visit, you could never get bored.