10 favourites this week (#49)

sunrise leeds Happy Monday folks! How are you all today? I'm still on a high from a super lovely weekend - I think it might have been one of my favourite weekends EVER. There was a lot of Prosecco and Chrismassy festivities and relaxing and really great food - what more can you ask for?

I've got such a fun week planned too, life is pretty good at the moment and I'm feeling very lucky. This time of year is just the best isn't it?!

Anyway, here are my 10 favourites this week... I'd love to hear what's been making you smile too!

1) Dear Stranger

dear stranger book mind

I started reading this book this week and I am really enjoying it. It's a collection of letters based on the subject of happiness and what it means for different people, and the contributors include the likes of Caitlin Moran, Matt Haigh and Arianna Huffington. Better still, profits from the sale of each book are being donated to Mind, who are charity who do fantastic work with those suffering with poor mental health.

2) This cutie on The Ellen Show

I dare you to watch this video without smiling. You'll quickly realise it's absolutely impossible! I saw this video on Facebook while I was off ill on Monday and watching Kai do his little performance really cheered me up!

3) Going to see a nutritionist

I've written on here before about how I suffer with IBS, and recently it has been worse than ever. I've really struggled to get anywhere with my GP and so this week, on the recommendation of a friend, I went to see a nutritionist. She was amazing and so much more patient and understand than my doctor has been - she gave me a lot of hope that with a few more tests and some tweaks to my diet I should be feeling a lot healthier soon!

4) This super delicious stir fry

hoisin pork stir fry chilli

I don't know how, but I somehow totally forgot how perfect stir frys are for a midweek dinner. They're quick, easy and require little washing up, but they always deliver on the flavour front. This week we whipped up a pork and chilli stir fry, complete with hoisin sauce and rice noodles and I enjoyed it so much. It'll definitely be back on our midweek menu soon!

5) My lovely new Topshop jumper

topshop rollneck jumper

My sister got me a Topshop voucher for my birthday and I bought this jumper with it this week. It's SO cosy and warm and snug and I've become a little bit obsessed with it - I *may* have already worn it 3 times since buying it on Wednesday... I've got a feeling that this plus a pair of ripped jeans might end up becoming my staple uniform this winter.

6) A Christmassy evening at Becky's house

christmas dinner turkey

On Friday night I headed to my friend Becky's house for the first Christmas gathering of the year and it was bloody lovely. She cooked a gigantic turkey and we did secret Santa and drank lots of red wine and cosied up in front of her amazing fire and it was basically perfection. Plus she has the dreamiest house I have ever seen, complete with thatched roof and AGA - I've never had such intense home envy before!

7) A day out at the seaside

scarborough seaside winter

I LOVE visiting the seaside in the winter - it always feels way more quaint! I love getting bundled up and braving the fresh sea air and the beach is always deserted. Better still - the fish and chips taste even better when you've just come in from the frosty sea front! We thoroughly enjoyed spending a few hours in Scarborough this weekend and I'm already looking forward to visiting the North Wales coast for more seaside action in the new year.

8) An amazing stay at Ox Pasture Hall

ox pasture hall hotel scarborough

I've got a couple of posts coming about our stay at this wonderful place, but I couldn't not feature it on this list as it definitely made me very happy this weekend. It was so so so relaxing - there was no signal at the hotel and the WIFI was limited, so we read our books and watched crap TV and napped and it was perfect. Just what we needed after a few busy weeks!

9) An epic M&S food shop

I had a voucher to use at M&S and so on the way home from Scarborough we stopped at Vangarde Park and did a really good food shop! We bought delicious roast beef and all the ingredients for an epic cheese board and loads of other delicious things. It really made me wish I could afford to do my food shopping at M&S every week, but I would definitely fear for my waistline if I could!

10) Putting our Christmas tree up

Surely this is the most exciting task of the whole year?! I absolutely love putting the tree up - it always makes me so festive, and I love how much cosier the fairy lights and sparkles make the house look. We watched Christmas films while we decorated (Jingle All The Way and Home Alone 2, obvs) and it was just the perfect way to end the weekend.