10 favourites this week (#50)

IMG_2094 Monday again already - it's bonkers to think that there are only 2 more Mondays until Christmas! I better actually get some shopping done...

This week has been a really busy and fun one. I love this time of year and all of the social activities that come with it - although it does mean that the majority of this week's favourites are food/booze based! I'm fully expecting that I'll be rolling into 2016 a good three stone heavier.

Anyway, here are my 10 favourites this week:

1) Lunch at Mrs Atha's with Kyle

mrs athas leeds

Meeting up for midweek lunches is my new favourite thing. It breaks the working day up nicely, plus you get to visit places that are usually super busy at the weekend. This week I headed to Mrs Atha's in Leeds to meet my friend Kyle for lunch - it was so lovely to catch up and the avocado on toast was delicious. I'd definitely recommend if you're in the area!

2) Advent calendar time

December is the very best month in my opinion, if only because you get to eat chocolate for breakfast every month! Advent calendars make waking up in the cold and dark every morning so much more bearable. We have gone for the traditional Dairy Milks this year - the best chocolate by far.

3) An epic TK Maxx haul

I'm going to put a little TK Maxx haul together in a separate post, but I couldn't not mention all of the lovely things I bought this week. I bought Christmas decorations, cards, notebooks, candles, prints and some lovely unique Christmas gifts - all for less than £60!!! I used to work at TK Maxx so I almost had a phobia of shopping there for a while (it brought back bad memories of having to tidy the chaos!), but I've definitely been converted.

4) My gorgeous new boots


My lovely friends bought me an ASOS voucher for my birthday, and with the epic 20% discount over Black Friday weekend I couldn't resist buying these boots! I seem to have an obsession with buying boots this year but these are definitely my favourite so far - they are so comfy and the colour is perfect. I reckon they'll do a good job of seeing me through the spring season too.

5) Christmas markets and Almost Famous


This is fast becoming the festive tradition for our group of friends - we head to the Christmas markets for some German beer and sing songs, and then get our fill of burgers and jazzy cocktails at Almost Famous. I love the food at Almost Famous SO MUCH, and it was so nice to see our friends and enjoy the Christmas merriment.

6) A cosy Friday at home

With the weather being so crazy this weekend, we decided to have a quiet night in this weekend and avoid the wild winds! We lit all of our candles and brought the blankets down and watched all of the crap Friday TV and it was perfect. Nights in are totally underrated in my opinion!

7) Brunch at OX Club


On Saturday morning, the lovely Bee invited me along as her plus 1 for a lovely brunch at the newly opened OX Club. I've got a full review coming this week, but for now I'll just say that these pancakes were the absolute highlight of my week! An absolute must try next time you have a hankering for brunch.

8) Leeds Xmas Meet


Another one where I have another full post coming later in the week, but I couldn't not mention the fab Leeds Xmas Meet in my weekly favourites! I absolutely LOVED catching up with some of my favourite bloggers and meeting lots of new faces. The blogging community is just THE BEST and I left feeling very smiley.

9) Lunch at The Stansfield Arms


On Sunday Sam's parents headed over to visit and took us for a lovely Sunday lunch at The Stansfield Arms in Apperley Bridge. It was the first time we've visited but I will DEFINITELY be back - it was so cosy, complete with fireplaces and big wooden beams and wingback chairs. The food was amazing too, and we even had Christmas crackers!

10) Feeling very contented

I don't know if it's all the festivities commencing or how much I'm enjoying my job or having a lovely holiday to look forward to next weekend, but I've been feeling really content and happy this week. I've woken up in a good mood pretty much everyday this week, and I just feel more relaxed and at ease than I have done in a long time.