10 steps to the perfect night in

perfect night in I remember when Mad Friday used to mean the biggest night out of the year for me and my friends. We'd spend all day getting ready and drink enough booze to sink a ship and dance all night to Christmas songs. Those were the days.

Nowadays the thought of going out on the busiest night of the year is enough to bring me out in hives. Blowing £100 on a night out and queuing for a taxi until 5am in the morning just doesn't do it for me anymore.

I am all about the quiet night in these days - there are so many perks. You don't have to fight your way to the bar and queue for twenty minutes for another glass of wine. There is very little chance of a drunk person spilling a drink on you. And you can wear your PJs. What's not to love?!

So here you have it - my 10 steps for the perfect night in...

1) Make yourself a drink

If your big night in is on a Friday, it's only natural that your drink of choice might be a large glass of wine, but a cup of tea or large mug of creamy hot chocolate would work equally well. Whatever your choice, this is the first step in operation RELAX.

2) Have a bubble bath

Or if like me you don't have a bath (sob) have a really nice long, hot shower. Use all the products you never usually have time to faff about with. Apply a hair mask, shave your legs, exfoliate. And then slather on loads of lovely thick cream when you get out. Hi there baby soft skin.

3) Put your favourite PJs on

Ideally these will be big and fluffy and baggy enough to allow for excessive food consumption. You get extra points if they are accompanied by a gigantic dressing gown and cosy slipper socks. (Sorry if that sentence made me sound exactly like your Nan).

4) Eat something delicious

Whatever you fancy. Maybe it's a takeaway from your favourite pizza place or maybe it's treating yourself to a big old bowl of pasta (complete with a generous sprinkling of cheese). You're probably gonna want to get some snacks in too, just to be safe...

5) Have a bit of a pamper

Now's the time to do all the pampering bits outside the bath/shower scenario. Give yourself a manicure, pop a face mask on and revel in how fab you'll feel as a result.

6) Put a DVD on

Or y'know, watch Netflix. It is nearly 2016 after all. Christmas films are obviously a popular pick at this time of year but anything Disney or remotely funny is also a great choice - Bridesmaids is my all time fave night in movie.

7) Read something

Whether it's your favourite magazine or that thriller you can't put down or whatever has been sitting on your bedside table for the past 3 months. Just pick it up and read a few pages and feel instantly relaxed. Ahhhhh.

8) Light some candles

This one is obviously very basic bitch but it's basic bitch for a reason. Candles make your house smell lovely and look all glowy and feel so cosy that if you squinted a tiny bit you *could* be in a cottage on a country retreat.

9) Do some colouring in

Colouring in for adults has become a phenomenon for a reason. It's super fun, reminds you of being a child (when life was SO much easier) and it is soooo relaxing. I don't know why, but when I'm colouring in I can feel my shoulders physically untense. Bliss.

10) Get into a freshly made bed

Because nothing feels quite as lovely as stretching out under fresh sheets that smell lovely. Getting a proper nights sleep is a luxury for so many of us, so treat yourself to an early night and enjoy waking up refreshed and re-energised.

There you have it - my 10 steps for the perfect night in. What am I missing? Let me know if you have any tips!