10 favourites this week (#52)

IMG_2372 Happy Monday guys! And much more importantly, HAPPY CHRISTMAS WEEK!!!!!

If you can't already tell, I am far too excited about the imminent festivities. I finish work tomorrow evening and then I'll be making the pilgrimage across the Pennines to spend some much needed time in my PJs, eating extortionate amounts of food and catching up with all of my favourite people. BLISS.

You may have noticed I'm a little late on the ol' favourites this week but that's because I spent all of yesterday hanging out with my friends and drinking lots of Prosecco and generally having too much fun to get the laptop out.

So sorry about that.

But anyway, here they are. My 10 favourites this week...

1) Checking out Revolucion de Cuba

On Monday night I headed to the new Rev de Cuba in Leeds for dinner and it was just lovely. They had a deal for a burrito and a mojito for £10 (and the portion size was HUGE so such good value for money!) and they had a pianist and singer playing live music in the corner. It was such a nice atmosphere which is hard to achieve in a space that's so big. Plus their homemade rum sauce was delish.

2) Wrapping presents and drinking Baileys


This is basically the most festive thing that you can do. If you're not feeling the Christmas spirit yet then I highly recommend that you pop a Christmas film on, pour yourself a Baileys and set about wrapping up all the lovely gifts that you've bought for your family and friends. It's impossible not to get that lovely glowy excited feeling, PLUS your tree will look 100% better with some pressies underneath.

3) Watching Love Actually

I'd forgotten how much I bloody LOVE this film. It makes me laugh, cry and feel very Christmassy all at the same time, which is basically all you can want from a film. I'm 99% certain that I'll probably watch it again before Friday, because, Christmas. I also watched The Holiday which evokes similar feels if you're in the market for a good heartwarming movie.

4) Homemade cottage pie

I have had THE worst cold this week (and 3 rather attractive coldsores on my top lip, yum) and have been craving some proper comfort food, so on Tuesday night I made a cottage pie from scratch, complete with a mountain of cheese on top. It was the most delicious thing ever and so simple to make - I'll definitely be adding it to our midweek meals rotation in January to stave off the winter blues.

5) A day of bonkers page views

On Thursday last week, Visit Oslo shared this post on their Facebook page and it made my pageviews go absolutely bonkers for the whole day. I know that blogging is not just about the numbers, but I have to admit that it did make me quite excited to see people sharing the post and leaving comments. And it definitely made a dull, cold-ridden Thursday a little bit sparklier!

6) Team lunch and Secret Santa

Quite a few of my colleagues have already finished for Christmas (so lucky!) so we had our team lunch and Secret Santa swap last week. It was so lovely to toast the end of a very successful year with my lovely team, PLUS Secret Santa bought me a set of cheese knives, so naturally that made me very excited. It made me think that we should stop and celebrate our achievements more often - we're such a small team but we get a lot of kickass stuff done.

7) A very quiet Mad Friday

I worked in bars and pubs from being 14-21, and Mad Friday used to always be the most hellish night of the year. For those of you who don't know, on Mad Friday the general public basically lose their minds, drink excessively and treat bartenders very rudely. Not fun. So I am now always mega appreciative that I don't have to do that anymore, and very much enjoyed a very quiet Mad Friday on the sofa, complete with new PJs and snacks. Bliss.

8) Making plans for 2016

I've been busy making lots of plans for next year this week and it is making me so excited! We booked a little trip to London in Feb with some points I had, and we're also planning to go to Anglesey in January to do some wedding planning and hopefully set a date. With our new house to look forward to as well, I've got a feeling that 2016 is gonna be a bloody good'un.

9) Skyping my friend Steph in Australia

Yesterday we all arranged a group Skype call so that we could all catch up with my lovely friend Steph who moved to Oz in October. It was the first time I've heard her voice since she left and seeing her gorgeous tanned face on my laptop screen made me very happy (and a little bit jealous). At the risk of sounding like my technophobe dad, technology is just SO COOL. We're all planning to go and visit them next year and I'm so excited already.

10) A festive day with our pals

Yesterday we had our friends round for a day of fizz drinking, excessive eating and festive movie watching. (Okay, we watched Kevin and Perry Go Large which is not exactly festive but IS GREAT). It was so nice to catch up with everyone before we all head home for Christmas and it's weird to think that the next time we all see each other it will be New Year's Eve. Time flies.