16 things I'm looking forward to in 2016

16 things I'm looking forward to in 2016

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Happy new year you lovely lot! 2016 is officially upon us and I've mostly spent the last few days marvelling at how 2006 was an entire decade ago. How bloody terrifying.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to this year - we've got so much exciting stuff planned and I can't wait to enjoy lots of special moments with Sam and our friends and family.

Here are 16 things I'm looking forward to in 2016...

1) Booking our wedding

Just writing this makes me feel both incredibly excited and a tad nervous! We're going to head across to Anglesey later in the month to do some planning with our parents and hopefully settle on a date - I can't wait to start the full flow of planning but I'm also already worried about how much there will be to do. Please send any budgeting tips/inspiration/helpful spreadsheets my way please!

2) Getting the keys to our new house

All going well with the valuations and searches, we should be picking up the keys to our new house in the next month or so. We have been searching for somewhere for so long and it has felt like we've been a bit in limbo for the last 6 months or so, so I can't wait to finally get in and start to feel more settled in our own home.

3) Booking our flights to Australia

One of my best friends moved to Sydney back in October and this year a group of us are planning a big trip to visit her. We are going to book our flights when I get paid this month and I'm sure that the promise of sunshine and an epic adventure with our lovely pals will help shake off any January blues. I also can't wait to see Steph's lovely face when she comes home for a visit in July!

4) Our family holiday to Spain

In August my entire family are heading to Spain on holiday to celebrate my uncle's 60th birthday and I'm really looking forward to some quality time with everyone. It's bound to be a week of food, booze, sunshine and laughter and I can't wait.  It will be made even more fun by all the cute little people in our family who make me how laughing whenever I see them.

5) Continuing to work on this blog

I feel like I made some real progress on this blog in 2015, from setting up my own domain to working on my first collaborations and guest posts with some fab brands and bloggers. I really want to continue to ramp everything up this year, with more frequent posts, some fresh content ideas and more interaction with fellow bloggers. I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for this little space!

6) The release of Sam's new album

My other half has been working on his new album for the past two years and it's finally nearly ready for release. I have loved listening to all of the mixes and recordings as they've progressed and I can't wait for everyone to hear it. I'm also hoping to piggyback on some of his tour dates as a way of exploring some other areas of the UK together which will be super fun.

7) A little trip to London

I've been staying in London a lot for work recently and I've earnt a free night's stay at a hotel which we will be cashing in in February. I'm excited to spend a weekend in the city exploring and having fun with Sam rather than running straight from the tube to the office and back again. Do let me know if you have any good exhibition or restauarant recommendations.

8) Sorting my health out

I've mentioned this a few times in the past week or so, but tomorrow marks the first day on the diet that the nutritionist has recommended to help fix some of the rubbish health issues I've been having recently. I'm armed with plenty of recipes, a gigantic food shop and a fridge full of probiotics and enzymes and even thought I know it will be a challenge, I just can't wait to start feeling a little brighter.

9) Exploring more of Scandinavia

It's safe to say that after visiting Iceland in September and Oslo a few weeks ago, we have developed quite the Scandi obsession. Sam and I both bought each other a trip to Copenhagen for Christmas (thankfully Sam had written an IOU as he wasn't sure on what dates I could take off work!) and I can't wait to explore another gorgeous Scandinavian city in March - we're also hoping to squeeze in a day trip to Malmo in Sweden.

10) Learning new crafts

In 2015, I taught myself to knit and attended a jewellery short course to learn the basics of silver smithing. I thoroughly enjoyed learning the techniques of both crafts, and I want to continu to expand my crafty skills in 2016. I have booked myself onto an Introduction to Printmaking course that starts later this month, and I really want to teach myself to crochet.

11) Reading more books

I read more than I have done in years in 2015 and I want to continue that momentum throughout the next twelve months. Nothing helps me switch off as much as getting lost in a good book, and I find reading about different worlds and ideas makes me feel really inspired. Hopefully this year I'll be better at sharing my recommendations with you all!

12) Getting to grips with DIY and house stuff

It's fair to say that both Sam and I are a bit pants when it comes to DIY - we struggle with even hanging a picture up straight! However, the house we are buying needs quite a bit of love and TLC, so we are going to have to learn. I'm excited to get to grips with painting and designing kitchens and upcycling furniture - watch this space.

13) Meeting the new baby in our family

My cousin's new baby is due on Valentine's Day and I absolutely can't WAIT to meet our precious new family member. We don't know what she is having yet so it will be such a lovely surprise to find out whether we will all be buying pink or blue and I'm so looking forward to lots of newborn baby cuddles.

14) Growing stuff in our new garden

Does it make me totally middle aged that I'm really excited to be able to grow my own veg in our new garden?! I think it does but I don't really care *that* much - I've always loved cooking with food that is as fresh as possible, and it doesn't get much fresher than your own backyard does it? I'm a complete novice however, so please let me know of any blogs or books that might help me get started.

15) Getting back into running

I've somehow managed to go from running two marathons to not going running for at least 3 or 4 months. It's been nice to have a little bit of a rest, but truth be told, I really miss the quiet time that I used to spend running - I found it quite peaceful and almost meditative in a way. I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine and pounding the canal again.

16) Lots of lovely weddings

We have three weddings to attend this year - two in Sam's family and one of my lovely friends. Weddings are one of my favourite things ever - I adore how uplifting and personal they are, and there really is nothing as lovely as celebrating the love of two people who mean a lot to you. It will also be extra exciting to attend these weddings knowing that ours will be soon!

What are you looking forward to in 2016?