10 favourites this week (#54)

tulips Happy first Monday of 2016!

I can't quite believe that Christmas is over and done with already, but at the same time it feels like I've been off work forever. I'm actually quite looking forward to getting back into a bit of a routine - I like that January is always a bit of a quieter and calmer month.

That being said, I will miss hanging out with all my favourite people all day and eating and drinking all the fun things - I've had a blast! These were my 10 favourites this week...

1) A totally lazy PJ day

We had a pretty busy Christmas break this year so I only managed to squeeze in one totally relaxing PJ day, but boy was it a good one! I read an entire book and had an afternoon bath and my Dad cooked delicious food - it was just what I needed after a fun but hectic couple of days.

2) Getting stuck into my reading challenge

harry potter collection

I throroughly enjoyed reading more in 2015, and this year I have set myself an official challenge on Goodreads. I'm hoping to read 52 books this year which feels challenging yet manageable - I'm almost through the first one already and I can't wait to get stuck into my "to read" pile! This gorgeous Harry Potter collection that I got fro Christmas is top of the list.

3) Sale shopping with my Mum

After managing to avoid the Boxing Day sales for a couple of days, my Mum and I finally caved and headed to the Trafford Centre on Wednesday. We had a lovely couple of hours rummaging through the rails and I came away with quite a few bargains, mostly from good old Zara - aren't their sales just the BEST?!

4) Unpacking all of our lovely pressies

The best bit about coming home to Leeds has been unpacking all of the lovely gifts we received from our friends and family - we really have been thoroughly spoilt this year and I have loved finding a home for all our new things. We were given so many thoughtful and personal pressies this year and I feel very lucky.

5) The best EVER mac and cheese recipe

GUYS, I know this is a bold claim, but I have discovered the best mac and cheese recipe ever! I came across it in the SPUNTINO cookbook that I bought Sam for Christmas and made it for some of our friends on NYE. It's totally bad for you and you can almost feel the fat snaking onto your hips as you eat it but BOY is it worth it. Tasted even better at 3am after our night out as well, just FYI.

6) Ringing in 2016 at the Brudenell Social Club


This year was one of my favourite New Years Eve's after - we spent it celebrating with all of our friends at the Brudenell Social Club and we had such a good time. Sam performed in a Bruce Springsteen tribute band which was amazing and I danced until the wee hours with some of my favourite people. Not a bad start to 2016!

7) Spending New Year's Day with my family

After a fab night out, we then headed home to spend a fab New Year's Day with my family. It was lovely to spend some more quality time with them - eating good food, drinking lotsĀ  of beer and laughing at all the funny things the kids say. It was definitely a good start to my resolution of doing more of what makes me happy in 2016.

8) Having beautiful blooms in my house

I love this time of year because tulips start to make a come back! They are one of my favourite flowers and I love how bright and pretty they are - it also helps that they are super cheap too. I can't wait to fill my house with more of them over the next few months.

9) Drinking Champagne and completing our scratch off map

scratch off map

We spent Saturday night this week scratching off the places we've visited on the map that Sam bought me for Christmas and drinking Champagne. It was fun to reminisce on the places we've already travelled to and make plans for where we want to explore next - I'm hoping that 2016 will bring us plenty of new travel adventures!

10) Getting organised

A rather cliche favourite for this weekend I imagine, but we spent a good few hours yesterday tidying the house and meal prepping and getting some life admin done.