10 favourites this week (#55)

10 favourites this week Happy Monday everyone! Doesn't it feel like the Christmas holidays were forever ago now?! I'm already counting down to our little city break to Copenhagen at the beginning of March...

Saying that though, last week was actually pretty lovely and relaxing and not nearly as hellish as I was expecting. Here are my 10 favourites this week...

1) Doing some yoga

I haven't quite had the energy to get back into proper exercise this week, but I have been easing myself in with some yoga which I've been throroughly enjoying! I use Adriene's YouTube videos for practices which I would really recommend - they are very laidback and not as pretentious as some videos I have used in the past.

2) Making a Murderer

I know, I know, we're like two weeks late to the party but whatevs. You've probably heard loads about it already, but it's a new Netflix real life documentary series set in the US. It's incredibly gripping and will have you screaming at the TV at the total injustice of the entire situation. Just watch it before I accidentally post any spoilers!

3) Early nights with my book

One of my favourite things about January is that everything quietens down for a couple of weeks and you really get to recharge your batteries. I've been fully making the most of that this week and have been hopping into bed early all week to read my book and catch up on some extra zzzz's. I'm feeling much more energetic this week as a result!

4) Jamie Oliver lamb kebabs recipe

jamie oliver lamb kebabs

Finding recipes that fit in with my current diet overhaul has been beyond difficult, so when I stumbled across this Jamie Oliver recipe for lamb kebabs I was very excited. We skipped the bread and made a raita with bio yoghurt and served it up with loads of greens - it was so flavoursome and will definitely be a firm favourite on our menu for the next 8 weeks!

5) An epic sunrise

One of the best things about winter is that you actually get to see the sun set and rise and enjoy all the magical sky loveliness that goes with it. The beautiful view at the top of this post was what greeted me on my walk to the bus on Thursday morning and it set me in a good mood for the whole day. Although if someon could make the sun stay out for longer than like 6 hours please that would be grand.

6) My new ASOS boots bargain

I don't know what it is this year but I have been OBSESSED with buying boots. Seriously, I've never even really been that bothered about boots before, always opting for ballet flats or trainers, but this year I've bought about 6 pairs. But when I saw these black chelsea boots in the sale I couldn't leave them - they go with EVERYTHING and were a bargainous £25. Win.


7) Receiving our mortgage offer

By far the most exciting thing that happened this week was getting our mortgage offer throught the post! Our last attempt to buy a house back in July fell down when we had the survery and valuation done so it is such a relief to now be past that stage. Hopefully the solicitors will get everything moving and we should be in our new home shortly! Yikes.

8) A really lazy Saturday

Sam has always worked Saturdays for as long as we've been going out, but he has changed jobs this week which means we will now get the whole weekend off together. We celebrated by having THE laziest Saturday ever, including a long lazy lie in, breakfast in bed and lots of binge watching Netflix. Actual perfection.

9) Learning how to crochet

I've always wanted to be able to crochet - I've tried teaching myself before using YouTube but have never got very far. This week I bought myself a little kit from Fred Aldous, and with a little help from some online videos I have finally got the hang of it! I'm still not very skilled but I'm hoping that with a bit more practice I might be able to crochet myself a granny square blanket.

10) Starting wedding planning

I have been looking forward to this since we got engaged back in September - this weekend we made our first foray into wedding planning! We set up an epic spreadsheet, sent off a couple of enquiry emails and spent a long time chatting about what sort of thing we want. Wwe're off to Anglesey in a couple of weeks to see some venues and options, and hopefully we'll have a date before the end of the month!