Memories of my favourite lady


Today marks two years since we lost my wonderful Nan. It's weird because it seems like so much has happened since then, but it also feels like she was just here yesterday too. I was really close to my Nan and she played such an important role in mine and my sister's lives which we are so grateful for. I miss her so much every day, but it's true what they say - people live on through your memories of them, and we are lucky enough to have so many wonderful memories and traditions to remember. Rather than spending today feeling sad and upset (which my Nan would hate!), I thought I'd share with you some of my happiest memories of my favourite lady...

  • Spending most weekends as a child at my Nan and Grandad's caravan in the Lake District. They would take us to amazing parks and buy us ice creams and give us £1 to buy treasure at the car boot sales. Maybe this is where my thriftiness stemmed from!
  • My Nan and my Mum coming to visit me at uni - we would always have a lovely day of shopping and lunch, and my Nan would always insist on buying me a little treat.
  • Her utter LOVE of Christmas and how exciting she made it for us kids. My favourite tradition when I was little was watching Miracle on 34th Street at her house, and then when we grew up she would mark the start of the festive season by buying everyone Christmas tea towels for their house.
  • Getting cards in the post from her every week I was at uni, always with a £10 note inside and an order to treat myself to a bottle of wine and some chocolate.
  • How proud she was at everything we did - whether it was getting our exam results or singing in a school play or getting a new job, my Nan was always the one giving us a huge hug and telling us that we were the best.
  • How she always had sweets in her handbag - usually a bag of Uncle Joe's Mintballs. They make me so nostalgic when I eat them now.
  • The fact that she was the trendiest Nan ever! She had more costume jewellery than me and wouldn't be seen without a fancy cardy and some fab earrings.
  • How much she loved to hear what we were up to and all our little stories - she was the most patient listener and I always felt better after a good chinwag with her.
  • How brilliant it was to be at her house when we were little knowing that we weren't allowed to get told off by Mum or Dad while we were there.
  • Getting Thornton's Easter eggs every year with our names iced on them - Sam was made up when he got one the first year we were going out.
  • How much she loved her family. My Nan was never happier than when she had her whole clan together, with everyone catching up and laughing.
  • How thoughtful she was. I remember when Sam and I got our first flat together she made us a gigantic cleaning pack, complete with everything we could possibly need for our first few months in order to save us a bit of money. She always thought about little things like that.
  • The fact that she always, always had fresh flowers in her house - I remember her always having a bunch of pretty carnations or yellow daffs on her dining table, and it's something I always try to do too.
  • How she would always stand on her drive and wave until you were a good mile down the road after going to visit her.
  • How she instantly made Sam feel like part of our family - I'm so glad she got to meet him and get to know him, and I know she'd be so excited about our new house and our wedding planning.

I'm so lucky that I grew up with such an amazing woman in my life. She was the embodiment of unconditional love - she thought her kids and grandkids were the cleverest, most wonderful people on the planet and was as protective of us as a mother lion is with her cubs.

I'll be thinking of you all day today Nan, laughing at our happy memories and raising my cuppa for you. Thank you for teaching us so much about family and love and being happy xxx