10 favourites this week (#56)

10 favourites this week Morning everyone! Apparently today is Blue Monday, which is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, but I'm actually feeling pretty chirpy considering. Last week was a bit of an odd one - I was feeling under the weather and the sad news about David Bowie and Alan Rickman, coupled with the anniversary of my Nan passing away made me quite teary - and so I'm quite glad for a fresh week.

It might also have something to do with all the fun things I've got planned - I'm starting a printing course tomorrow, have got an exciting forum in London with work on Wednesday and then this weekend we're heading to Anglesey to do some wedding planning!

But I'm getting ahead of myself. For now, here are my 10 favourites this week...

1) Quinoa fried rice

This recipe is what healthy eating dreams were made of. Sam whipped it up for a quick dinner on Monday and it was so delicious and comforting - I actually think it tasted why better than egg fried rice, PLUS it didn't make me feel all bloated and sluggish afterwards. We added some leftover roast chicken and used tamari instead of soy sauce - I can see it becoming a firm favourite on our weekly meals list.

2) Doing some blog planning

I spent Tuesday evening doing some brainstorming for this blog, complete with coloured gel pens of course! I came up with so many new ideas and I felt so inspired afterwards - so much so that I actually took photos for and wrote up 6 blog posts this weekend, which must be some sort of a record. Watch this space...

3) My 1st bunch of daffodils this year


I love daffodils so much - they're bright, pretty and super cheap! But best of all, they signify that spring is on it's way with the promise of daylight and warmer temperatures, which is much needed at this time of year when it seems to be permanently dark and cold. Here's to having them on my dining table every week for the next couple of months.

4) Travel Man: 48 Hours In...

I don't know how but we managed to miss this programme last time it was on. The premise of the show is basically Richard Ayoade travelling to European cities for the weekend with another comedian - basically the perfect TV show for two people who love city breaks and comedy! We caught up on all of the past episodes this week and we're already looking forward to the Copenhagen episode tomorrow - hopefully we can pick up some tips for our trip!

5) Re-reading the Harry Potter books

Sam bought me the full collection of Harry Potter books for Christmas and I am thoroughly enjoying re-reading them! I read along with them when they all first came out but haven't revisited them since, so my memory of the plot is hazy enough to make them gripping. It's been so nice to disappear into the world of Hogwart's every evening before bed.

6) An epic Primark haul

primark ss16 haul

On Wednesday lunch time I had the best speedy Primark shop I've had in a long time - I've got a post coming on this later in the week for anyone who wants a nosey at what I bought. I love shopping there at the beginning of the season when everything is fresh and new, and I can never get over how on trend their stuff is for the price. Retail therapy at it's finest.

7) Booking flights to Milan

You might remember me mentioning that Sam and I both bought each other flights to Copenhagen for Christmas - thankfully Sam had written an IOU as he wasn't sure on my work dates so we were able to use the money he had put aside to book another little trip. After lots of time researching and many checks of Skyscanner, we finally settled on a weekend in Milan. We've only ever been to Italy once before for my cousin's wedding, so I'm really looking forward to exploring more of the beautiful country.

8) A lovely surprise package from Oz

kikki k stationery

I had a package delivered to my desk at work on Wednesday, and as soon as I saw the handwriting I knew it was from my lovely friend Steph who moved to Sydney a few months ago. She had sent me some beautiful stationery from kikki. K (she knows I am an absolute notebook fiend!) and a postcard and it cheered me up so much. While I hate her being so far away, it is pretty cool to have a pen pal on the other side of the globe!

9) A very lazy duvet weekend

I finished the week full of cold and with super sore throats which was super annoying as I had fun plans with some of my fave gals this weekened that I had to cancel. The only plus side was that I got to have a super lazy weekend on the sofa with my duvet and Netflix, which was just what the doctor ordered. Sometimes your body just needs a rest, doesn't it?!

10) Snow!


I think pretty much everywhere in the UK got snow this weekend from the looks of Instagram! We got a fair heap of it in Leeds, and whilst admittedly we weren't feeling up for playing out in it, it was so pretty to sit at the window on Saturday night and watch it fall. After weeks of weirdly warm weather, it actually feels quite nice to finally have some proper winter!